1. Bahrain deports Channel 4 journalists
    Three journalists from Channel 4 News, their driver and a human rights activist were arrested and deported from Bahrain on Sunday.
  2. Police shoot dead ‘two sectarian killers’ in Balochistan
    QUETTA: Pakistani police shot dead two people allegedly involved in sectarian violence in the troubled southwestern province of Balochistan, officials said Monday.
  3. Obama unveils Syria, Iran technology sanctions
    US President Barack Obama on Monday ordered sanctions and visa bans for companies and individuals providing technological know-how, computers or other equipment to help Iran and Syria oppress their people.
  4. 1st French Translation of Usul-e-Kafi to Be Released
    The first translation of Usul-e-Kafi in French is scheduled to be released in the near future.
  5. Pakistani police arrest three anti-Shia killers
    Pakistani security forces have arrested three militants accused of involvement in the killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province.
  6. Race day of F1 Grand Prix: Protests around Bahrain suppressed while peaceful protesters, activists & journalists arrested
    The Bahraini regime has continued its escalation and crackdown on peaceful protesters. A number of activists, journalists and peaceful protesters were arrested today. Many more were beaten, tortured and shot at with tear gas, shotguns and stun grenades. Another death was reported of inhalation of tear gas.
  7. 14 Prominent Bahraini activists Appeal on 23 April before the Court of Cassation
    14 prominent activists Appeal today 23 April, 2012 before the Court of Cassation in ordinary court.
  8. Anti-Islam Terrorists Martyr 2 Shi’a Muslims in Quetta, 2 Terrorists Arrested
    Boman Ali and Muhammad Hussain shot martyred when they where going for their job on bike, on their way at barrori road some militants open burst of fire over them.