1. Suicidal Saudis Hit a High
    Suicide has become a troubling phenomenon in Saudi Arabia, particularly among young people. The rise in suicide cases has been accompanied by growing rates of poverty and unemployment, as well as a lack of opportunities for Saudi youth. Recently, a number of stories have come to light in which cases of suicide involving young Saudis were linked to economic issues.
  2. Iraqi Airlines flight to land at Mumbai airport after 22 years
    When a flight of Iraq’s national carrier, Iraqi Airways, touches down at the Mumbai international airport on Tuesday, it will be a historic moment. The airline is restarting direct flights to Mumbai after more than 22 years.
  3. Clashes in Bahrain as police block protest march
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Protesters trying to march to the heart of Bahrain’s capital clashed with riot police on Friday, witnesses said, hours after a massive show of force by the mainstream Shi’ite Muslim opposition.
  4. Blasts northeast of Baghdad kill 9 Iraqis
    BAGHDAD (AP) — Twin explosions ripped through a crowded cafe northeast of Baghdad, killing nine people and wounding 21, Iraqi officials said Friday.
  5. Explosion Rocks Central Damascus
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A suicide bomb attack in the Syrian capital city of Damascus on Friday killed, at least, 9 civilians and wounded nearly 30 others.
  6. Hackers Fail to Access Iranian Oil Ministry’s Sensitive Data
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Hackers have failed to gain access to the oil ministry’s confidential and sensitive data thanks to the timely action of the ministry’s cyber security team, a senior official said.
  7. “Shia Art and Civilization” Congress Aimed at Explicating Artistic Principles in Islamic World
    The “Shia Art and Civilization” Congress is intended to explicate the fundamental principles of art in the Islamic world that are primarily rooted in Shia teachings and doctrines, head of the Research Center for Islamic Art and Culture told IQNA.
  8. E. Java goes ahead with plan to issue bylaw on Shia
    The East Java provincial administration may go ahead with its plan to issue a bylaw on the spread of religion regarded as capable of causing sectarian strife and disturbing public order.
  9. Pakistani police thwart bomb attack on Shia Muslims
    Pakistani security forces have thwarted a terrorist attack against Shia Muslims after they gunned down a would-be bomber in the conflict-plagued southwestern province of Balochistan, Press TV reports.
  10. Shia Muslims, their shops were attacked in Khairpur, 12 injured
    Terrorists belonging to a banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba set 5 shops and many cabins of Shia Muslims on fire on Phool Bagh Road Khairpur on Thursday night. At least a dozen persons were injured due to firing of terrorists and police on Shia protestors on Friday.