1. Violent demo held in Iraqi Kurdistan over blasphemous article
    A violent demonstration has been held in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region over a blasphemous anti-Islamic article published in a local magazine.
  2. Bahraini opposition: Nabeel Rajab is a prisoner of conscience and must be released immediately
    The opposition parties are watching closely, with great concern, the regimes response to the uprising, that continues to target peaceful protests and employs it’s entire military and security forces to attack those voices calling for freedom.
  3. Archeologists find oldest Islamic palace ever found in Iran
    Archeologists have unearthed remains of the oldest Islamic palace ever found in Iran during excavations in the ancient city of Estakhr in Fars Province.
  4. Turkey refuses to extradite Iraqi Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi
    Turkey says it will not arrest and hand over Iraq’s fugitive Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi.
  5. Thousand of Saud Shia protesters hold fresh anti-regime demo in Qatif
    Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province has been hit by yet another anti-government protest rally in which demonstrators have condemned the long-time rule of Al Saud for its suppression of protests.
  6. Peace initiative: Masjid Board draws opposition leader’s ire
    The government’s decision to constitute a Masjid Board to bar hate speeches has been met by criticism from opposition leaders, who have termed it”wastage of time and resources.”
  7. Bahraini Regime to Adopt Tougher Measures against Protesters
    Bahraini rulers vowed to get tougher on anti-government protests as a prominent opposition figure said the government has halted talks with oppositions.
  8. US to send energy expert to help India cut Iran oil imports
    The US will send its top energy expert to India next week to help the country reduce dependence on Iranian oil, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said as she lauded the steps taken by New Delhi on the issue.
  9. UCO, 4 Iranian banks settle trade payments in rupees
    India and Iran have found a way out for settling delayed trade payments. UCO Bank and four Iranian banks, including the Persian Bank, are settling payments in rupees.
  10. Iran’s private sector allowed to sell oil to bypass sanctions
    Tehran (Platts) — The Iranian oil ministry has given an Iranian oil products exporting union, a private establishment, permission to sell up to 20% of Iranian crude oil as a way of bypassing international sanctions on dealings with state-owned entities, the students’ news agency ISNA reported Wednesday.