1. Suspected radical Islamist sect gunmen kill Shiite leader; military arrests sect organizer
    KANO, Nigeria — Police say gunmen suspected to be followers of a radical Islamist sect have shot and killed a Shiite leader in northern Nigeria, as the military arrested an organizer for the sect.
  2. Syria says suicide attack foiled by troops
    Blast reported near ruling party office in Aleppo, shortly after troops prevented a “suicide attack” in the city.
  3. EU set to slap new sanctions on Syria
    The European Union is set to slap new sanctions on Syria, imposing an assets freeze and visa ban on two firms and three people, EU diplomats said Friday.
  4. EU, Iraq sign first-ever partnership deal
    The European Union and Iraq signed their first partnership agreement Friday, opening the way to a slew of trade and energy deals as well as improved cooperation to combat terrorism.
  5. Bahrain adjourns retrial of medics for a month
    Bahrain has once again adjourned the retrial of 20 medical professionals accused of aiding anti-government uprising during Manama’s crackdown on protests last year.
  6. Clinton Urges Bahrain to Do More on Human Rights
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday urged Bahrain to take further steps to tackle human rights issues in talks with Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa.
  7. US resuming arms supply to Bahrain
    The United States has announced that it will resume supplying arms to Bahrain, despite the Al Khalifa regime’s crackdown on anti-government protesters.
  8. Bahrain protesters clash with police
    Bahraini police fired tear gas and birdshot during overnight clashes with protesters demanding the release of jailed opposition activists, wounding several demonstrators, witnesses said on Friday.
  9. Birthday Anniversary of the world’s most outstanding Lady: Fatima az-Zahra (PBUH)
    Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) the Leader of the Women in Paradise, the only Daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.), The Holy Prophet of Islam’s Beloved and the Infallible Lady of Islam, The Mother of the Leaders of Youth of Paradise: Imam Hasan(A.S.) and Imam Husain(A.S.) was born on 20th Jamadi al-Thani five years after the revelation to the Holy Prophet of Islam(S.A.W.).