1. Iran Discovers 26 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
    The latest exploration operations at the Kish gas field in the Persian Gulf, reveal it contains at least 66 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which is a rise of 26 trillion cubic feet over previous estimates, according to an official of the National Iranian Oil Company, Iranian Mehr news agency reported Friday.
  2. Turkey supports Bahraini dictatorship amid ongoing crackdown
    Turkey has expressed its support for the Bahraini dictatorship by warmly receiving Bahraini Interior Minister Sheikh Khalifa Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa amid the Manama regime’s ongoing crackdown on peaceful anti-government protests.
  3. Reports say Saudis seek merging with Bahrain
    Reports say Saudi Arabia is seeking to merge with Bahrain in line with plans to unify the six Arab member states of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council.
  4. A tale of tragedy
    Continuously under attack from Lashkare Jhangvi (LeJ) and spurned by the Baloch nationalists, Hazaras of Balochistan suffer from double jeopardy in the province. From 2003 to 2009, more than 260 members of the community were killed in Quetta and over 100 injured. According to the HRCP records, 211 more had died in bomb blasts and shooting by October 2011 taking the tally to 471.
  5. Top Bahraini Shia cleric ‘Isa Qassim’ urges end to Manama crackdown
    Top Bahraini cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim has condemned the Saudi-backed regime’s heavy-handed crackdown on protesters, urging the Manama government to halt attacks on its people.
  6. Bahraini al-Khalifa forces attack peaceful protesters in several cities
    Bahraini forces have attacked protesters in several towns and villages around the capital Manama as the Saudi-backed regime is continuing its crackdown on peaceful protests.
  7. Hundreds pro-Bahrain uprising rally held at UK PM office
    Supporters of the Bahraini uprising have rallied at British Prime Minister’s office in London condemning the Queen’s invitation of the Bahraini dictator for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
  8. Tanzania Muslims emulate prophet’s daughter on mother’s day celebrations
    Muslims around the world join their brethren to celebrate Mother’s day.