1. Iran, IAEA hold fruitful dialogue, agree to meet on May 21
    TEHRAN – Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency have agreed to continue their talks on May 21.
  2. Suicide bomber drives truck into Iraqi army base in nation’s north, killing 5
    Iraqi officials say a suicide bomber who drove an explosives-rigged fuel truck into the front gate of an army post has killed five soldiers in the country’s north.
  3. Can govt regulate waqf properties?
    Both sects of Muslims — Sunni and Shia — have approached the Supreme Court raising an important religious issue — whether the government can make laws for regulating waqf properties, which according to the tenets of Islam are dedicated to the God.
  4. Bahrain: Drop Charges Against Rights Activists
    (Beirut) – Bahraini authorities should drop politically motivated criminal charges against Nabeel Rajab, a human rights activist, and release him immediately. Rajab is scheduled to go on trial on May 16, 2012, for “offending an official institution” – namely, the Interior Ministry, which he criticized for allegedly ignoring attacks against boys and young protesters as well as Shia-owned businesses.
  5. Witnesses testify in Iraqi VP death squad trial
    Victims’ families and witnesses on Tuesday accused Iraqi Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi of masterminding killings at the opening of his trial in absentia on charges he says are politically-motivated.
  6. Iraq Vice-President Tariq Hashemi goes on trial in absentia
    The trial of Iraqi Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi, who fled Baghdad last year after allegations of organizing death squads were leveled against him, has begun in the capital in his absence.
  7. Feared by Shia Revolutions, Riyadh wants to Crush the Uprisings
    Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are expected to announce closer political union at a meeting of Gulf Arab leaders on Monday, a Bahraini minister said, a move dismissed by the Shiite Majority opposition as a ruse to avoid political reform, and to make the Majority Shiite Population of Bahrain a Minority By Merging into Saudi Arabia and other PGC States.
  8. Gulf keeps close watch as Saudis hold union talks with Bahrain
    Saudi Arabia and Bahrain discussed a political union at a meeting in Riyadh yesterday in a development that could see the tiny Gulf kingdom largely absorbed by its neighbour.
  9. Two Hazara Shia’s killed in Quetta
    Unidentified gunmen shot and killed two members of the minority Hazara Shia community and injured another person in Quetta city of southwest Pakistan today, police said.
  10. Iran hangs ‘Mossad agent’ for killing of n-scientist
    Iran hanged a man it said was an agent for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad whom it convicted of killing one of its nuclear scientists in 2010, state media said Tuesday.