1. Sectarian strife affects business in Bahrain
    MANAMA //At the height of the Arab Spring-inspired demonstrations last year, hotels in Bahrain’s capital hit rock bottom, with occupancy rates in single digits. It is one of the reasons the government pushed so hard to hold the Formula One race last month – to get the word out to investors worldwide that Bahrain is back in business.
  2. Saudi Arabians hold anti-regime rally in Eastern Province
    In Saudi Arabia, demonstrators have once again taken to the streets of the oil-rich Eastern Province in protest against the Al Saud regime.
  3. Petition drawn up against Bahraini king’s son
    Human rights activists have launched an international petition on Avaaz community petitions website, aiming to secure 10,000 signatures in order to prevent Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa of Bahrain from attending the London Olympics 2012.
  4. Nigeria: Gunmen Killed a Shia Muslim ‘Muhammad Ali’ in Kano
    In the early hours of the morning, last Friday, unknown gunmen stormed the house of Alhaji Muhammad Ali, a highly respected member of the African Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Gadon Kaya, demanding to take away his car and motorcycle to execute what they called “God’s Work’, but ended up taking his precious life away.
  5. Leader of African Shia Islamic movement reminded the significance of Rajab
    The Leader of the African Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky reminded Members on the significance of the Month of Rajab. He called on Muslims to double effort in the blessed month of Rajab for its merit and significance.
  6. Tens of Thousands Bahraini People stage rally against al-Khalifa and al-Saud regimes + Pics
    Tens of thousands of Bahrainis have rallied outside the capital, Manama, to protest against the proposed Saudi Arabia-Bahrain merger plan.
  7. 5 Shia Muslims Martyred in Baghdad Market Blast
    At least five Shia people have been martyred after three roadside bombs ripped through a busy outdoor market in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad at yesterday.
  8. Car bomb explosion hits Syrian town, casualties feared
    A car bomb explosion has hit the city of Dayr al-Zawr in eastern Syria, casualties are feared, state television says.
  9. A Shia Muslim ‘Dr Shabihul Hassan Rizvi’ Martyred by Extremist Wahhabis in Lahore
    Renowned scholar and poet Dr Shabihul Hassan Rizvi was martyred due to firing of Wahhabi terrorists in Lahore. Dr Rizvi was a known educationist.