1. Syria peace deal at a “pivotal moment,” Ban says
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Monday that the search for a peaceful end to the unrest in Syria was at a “pivotal moment,” his spokesperson said on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Chicago.
  2. Iraq attacks kill three
    Shootings and bombings killed three people and wounded nine in central Iraq on Monday, security officials said.
  3. Bahrain in spotlight at UN over political prisoners
    Bahrain faced calls at the United Nations on Monday to release its political prisoners, including prominent rights activist Nabeel Rajab who is charged with tweeting insults against the government.
  4. Kuwaiti Shia tweeter denies insulting prophet, lawyer says
    A Kuwaiti Shia tweeter on Monday denied in court charges that he insulted Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, his wife Aisha and some companions, his lawyer Khaled al-Shatti said.
  5. Egypt: Azhar – Shiite Hussainias Threatens Stability
    A number of Islamic scholars including Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed El-Tayyeb, reiterated on Sunday 20/5/2012 their rejection of the spread of Shia denomination and building Hussainias (Shia mosques) in Egypt warning that this threatens the unity of Muslims.
  6. Lawyers of fugitive Iraqi VP Tariq al-Hashemi quit trial
    Lawyers of fugitive Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi have left his trial in absentia in the capital, Baghdad, over a court refusal to accept their evidence.
  7. Good atmosphere prevailed in Tehran talks: Amano
    TEHRAN – International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said in Tehran on Monday that good atmosphere prevailed in his talks with Iranian officials.
  8. Beirut clashes draw Lebanon into Syria conflict
    Violence spread to Lebanon’s capital after a week of turmoil fueled by clashes between groups at odds over Syria’s regime. The suspected presence of Al-Qaeda and anti-Syrian sentiment has raised fears neutral Lebanon will be dragged into conflict.
  9. UN, Iran Report Positive Nuclear Talks
    A senior Iranian official and the United Nations nuclear affairs chief say they made progress in talks in Tehran Monday, as they laid the groundwork for nuclear negotiations between Iran and major world powers on Wednesday.