1. Pakistan: Two Shia Muslims injured in a bomb blast in Hangu
    According to reports, a bomb went off in Hangu’s market yesterday, the target of which was in fact a Shiite Zakir Gul Badshah. The bomb left 2 Shiites severely injured.
  2. Iranian nuclear issue: the dialogue goes on
    Interview with Gennady Yevstafyev – retired Lieutenant General and expert in nonproliferation issues.
  3. Nasrallah to kidnappers of Lebanese Shiites: Choose between war and peace
    BEIRUT – Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah called for the release of Lebanese Shiite pilgrims held in Syria in a televised speech on Friday.
  4. Iraq crisis escalates with calls for PM to go
    AFP – A series of intertwined political crises that began with accusations that Iraq’s prime minister was consolidating power have escalated into calls to unseat him, and paralysed the country’s government.
  5. Iraqi figures show slight increase in the monthly death toll after 9-year low
    BAGHDAD — Official figures show a slight increase in the number of Iraqis killed in violence for the last two months.
  6. Sadr Warns Maliki over Ties to Turkey
    The relations between Turkey and Iraq are experiencing difficulties and the most difficult part of this period is when “sectarian games are played,” Shiite Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr said. Al-Sadr hosted Selahattin Özgündüz, Turkish Caferi leader, and a delegate accompanying him in Najaf.
  7. Lebanese fighter trains new generation of jihadis for Syria
    Mustapha ducks beneath a nectarine tree, its branches heavy with unripe green fruit, and indicates a shallow valley to the west just beyond the orchard.
  8. Syria-linked clashes rage in Lebanon
    BEIRUT — Deadly sectarian street battles again engulfed Lebanon’s northern coastal city of Tripoli Saturday as supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad clashed in fierce gunfights in the country’s latest Syria-linked unrest.
  9. West must resist urge to act in Syria
    Syria is caught once again in the long history of sectarian conflicts in the region and, as the killings escalate, the West recoils in horror.
  10. At least eight dead in Lebanon as Syria strife spills over
    At least eight people have been killed in the Lebanese city of Tripoli amid fighting between supporters of opposing factions in the Syrian uprising. Protagonists were reported to have fired rocket-propelled grenades.
  11. Iran builds new space center to launch satellites
    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran is finishing construction of a new space center that will allow it to soon launch more domestically made satellites into orbit, the country’s defense minister said Saturday.