1. Four more Shias lose life in Quetta
    QUETTA: At least six people, including four Shias and a policeman, were killed and another policeman injured when a group of armed men attacked a welding shop on Essa Khan Road on Sunday, police said.
  2. Bahrain to seek closure of Shia opposition party
    DUBAI: Bahrain said on Sunday it would take legal measures to close down a Shia opposition party that has played a prominent role in protests against its Sunni monarchy.
  3. Iraqi Shia cleric appears to back PM over crisis
    A top Iraqi Shia cleric has issued a ruling forbidding voting with secular individuals, an apparent statement of support for Iraq’s embattled premier who is facing threats of a no-confidence vote.
  4. Wahhabi terrorists shot dead Shia man in Quetta
    A member of the Hazara community was gunned down and another shot injured near a bus stop on Sariab Road on Saturday.
  5. Shia Ulema meet MQM leaders
    Karachi—A delegation led by noted Shia scholar Syed Aun Muhammad Naqvi called at Khursheed Begum Secretariat and held meeting with the member of the Co-ordination Committee Saif Yar Khan. In-charges and office-bearers of the Ulema Committee of the MQM and Karachi Tanzeemi Committee were also present during the meeting.
  6. Inside Assad’s death squads
    The door to Dr Mousab Azzawi’s clinic, on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, was always open to anyone who needed help. But, operating in the heartland of the feared Shabiha militia, there were some patients he would have preferred not to treat.
  7. Edict by influential Shiite Muslim cleric seen as aiding Iraqi premier against opponents
    BAGHDAD — An Iranian-based Shiite Muslim cleric on Sunday published a religious edict that could undermine efforts to unseat the Iraqi prime minister and also signaled Iran’s growing influence over Iraq’s politics.
  8. Schools Plant Seeds of Sectarianism
    BEIRUT, Jun 3, 2012 (IPS) – Though most Lebanese take great pride in their national education system, deep sectarian rifts in public schools have made it impossible to ignore the political and religious fragmentation of society or its long-term impacts on youth.
  9. Syria-related clashes rage in Lebanon, leaving 13 dead
    (CNN) — Bloody clashes erupted Saturday between pro- and anti-Syrian regime fighters in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, the deadliest outburst of violence in recent weeks and further indication that Syria’s turmoil is spilling across borders.
  10. Iran Targets U.S. Diplomats for Terrorist Attacks
    While the Obama Administration remains wedded to the diplomatic engagement of Iran, Iran remains wedded to terrorism, including plots against U.S. diplomats. The Washington Post reported earlier this week that U.S. officials are accumulating mounting evidence that Iran ordered terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomats stationed in Azerbaijan, as well as members of their families. The Azerbaijan plot appears to have been part of a larger Iranian campaign to assassinate foreign diplomats, including Israeli and Saudi diplomats, in at least seven countries over 13 months.