1. Murder trial: Witness testifies in Shia leader murder case
    One of the witnesses to the killing of the late Shia leader Askari Raza gave a statement in the Anti-Terrorism Court-I on Thursday, following up on Askari’s father’s testimony to the court on May 26. Askari Raza was killed in Karachi on December 31, 2011.
  2. Maliki enemies battle to vote him out of office
    A wily political survivor, Maliki has so far emerged unscathed from the unrelenting melee since the government was formed 18 months ago. Now his foes want to test his survival skills to the limit with the threat of a vote of no confidence
  3. Hundreds of Saudi Shia & Sunni demo in Riyadh demands release of political prisoners
    Saudi protesters have held a demonstration in the capital Riyadh to demand the release of all political prisoners.
  4. Pakistan: Shia city of Parachinar plunged into darkness after terrorists hit electric tower
    Parachinar has been plunged into darkness after terrorists damaged electric supply tower in lower Kurrum Agency.
  5. Families of kidnapped pilgrims temporarily block Beirut airport road
    Families of the kidnapped Shia pilgrims in Syria blocked Beirut’s airport road on Thursday to demonstrate against “not knowing the fate of their sons,” LBC television reported.
  6. Iraq executes Saddam Hussein’s chief bodyguard
    IRAQ yesterday executed Saddam Hussein’s presidential secretary and chief bodyguard, Abid Hamid Mahmud.
  7. Seven dead in Baghdad area attacks
    Attacks in central Iraq left five security members dead and an alleged Al-Qaeda fighter killed two prison guards Thursday, amid a recent spike in unrest that has broken a relative calm in Baghdad.
  8. Bahrain re-arrests Shiite rights activist
    DUBAI: Bahrain re-arrested leading Shiite rights activist Nabil Rajab on Wednesday pending a probe into tweets deemed insulting to Sunnis, prosecutors said, nine days after he had been freed.
  9. Iran rallies to aid of Iraq’s embattled leader .
    BAGHDAD (AP) — Iran has played many political roles in Baghdad since the fall of Saddam Hussein: spoiler to American-crafted administrations, haven for Iraqi political outcasts and big brother to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s Shiite-led government.
  10. UN watchdog to press Iran for access in atom probe