1. Russian arms supply to Syria not for protesters
    Russia is completing air defence weapons’ deliveries to Syria under previous contracts. It is not supplying any arms that can be used against protesters, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
  2. Bahrain police forcefully disperse Shia rally
    Bahraini police wounded several people on Saturday morning when they fired sound bombs, tear gas and bird shot to disperse dozens who protested across several Shia areas, witnesses said.
  3. Four Shia youths taken into custody without any charge in Karachi
    Four Shia youths were taken into custody without any charge against them from Federal Capital Area Karachi on Saturday morning.
  4. Shia Religious Authorities Declared Conspiracy against Iraqi Gov. Forbidden
    Reacting to international conspiracies against Iraqi government, several Shia religious authorities or sources of emulation and religious scholars of Iraq have declared that efforts to topple Nouri al Maliki-led government are forbidden.
  5. Kidnappers open to negotiations on freeing Lebanese
    Rebels holding Lebanese Shia pilgrims abducted last month in Syria said they will free them when a “civil state” sees the day in Syria but also left the door open to negotiations for their release
  6. 2 terrorist men arrested in holy city of Karbala
    Two wanted men, belong to a terrorist group, were arrested on Friday in Karbala, for their involvement in the recent bombings in the city, local police official said.
  7. Armed rebels attack Syria infrastructure: Local media
    Syrian armed groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad are reportedly attacking the country’s infrastructure, local media say.
  8. Wahhabi gunmen torture on Shiites leaves 2 martyr
    2 Shiites have been tortured to death in Ibrahimzai, Hangu, by Saudi-funded members of the banned extremist political organization Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan.
  9. Iran tells IAEA: Avoid hasty conclusions without full technical studies
    The International Atomic Energy Agency should avoid “hasty conclusions without the completion of technical studies.