1. Bomb kills 3 in southwestern Pakistan
    A government official says a motorcycle bomb has ripped through a passenger bus in southwest Pakistan, killing three people and injuring 40 others.Irfan Shah said the bomb Monday targeted Shiite pilgrims travelling to Iran but hit a local passenger bus instead.
  2. Iraq: Six Shi’a pilgrims were killed in Kadhimiyya
    Two mortar rounds went off next to Shiite shrines dedicated to the imams Musa Kadhim and Mohammed Jawad in the Kadhimiyah area in northern Baghdad late on Sunday.
  3. British envoy urges Bahrain talks to end unrest
    Britain’s chief envoy for the Middle East says his country supports attempts at dialogue in Bahrain between the Sunni monarchy and the Gulf nation’s Shiite majority, which has been waging an uprising over demands for a greater political voice.
  4. Thousands of Bahrainis mourn 80-year-old female martyred by al-Khalifa regime
    Thousands of Bahrainis mourn the death of an 80-year-old female protestor, who is the latest victim of teargas attacks by regime forces against anti-government demonstrations.
  5. Embattled Iraqi PM holding on to power for now
    Nouri al-Maliki’s tactical victory averts a potentially destabilizing contest to replace him, at least for the time being, but perpetuates the sectarian-based deadlock that has paralyzed the country for years.
  6. Iraq tightens security for Shiite pilgrimage after mortar attack kills 7, wounds 38
    Iraqi officials stepped up security Monday ahead of a major Shiite pilgrimage after a mortar attack on a religious procession in Baghdad killed seven people and wounded dozens.
  7. Bahrain: Activist Detained for Twitter Comments
    Bahraini authorities should immediately release the human rights activist Nabeel Rajab and drop all charges based on his public discussion of political issues.
  8. Bahrain frees boy, 11, snatched from street and held for a month
    Authorities in Bahrain were on Monday forced to release an 11-year-old boy they have held in custody for nearly a month.
  9. Bahraini al-Khalifa forces raid house of al-Wefaq leader ‘Sheikh Ali Salman’
    Bahraini regime forces have raided the house of Sheikh Ali Salman, the leader of the country’s main opposition group, al-Wefaq, in a village near the capital, Manama.