1. Syria says it uncovered Qaeda mosque bomb plot
    DAMASCUS — Syrian authorities have uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to bomb Damascus mosques around the main weekly prayers, state media reported on Friday.
  2. Saudi Arabia not invited to Tehran summit
    Tehran Iran has decided not to invite Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah to a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran.
  3. ‘Blasphemy’ – Ten years jail for Twitterer
    KUWAIT CITY, June 4, (RTRS): A Kuwaiti man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday after he was convicted of endangering state security by insulting the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Sunni Muslim rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on social media.
  4. Iran shrugs off oil sanctions at OPEC meeting
    VIENNA — The price of oil is rising as OPEC ministers debate how much oil to produce while the global economy is experiencing weaker growth.
  5. Gunmen massacre Iraqi family
    BAGHDAD: Gunmen shot dead a father, mother and at least three children early on Friday, while a husband and wife were killed in a separate attack, security and medical officials said.
  6. New battles emerge in Bahrain from wreckage of Shiite mosques
    NUWAIDRAT, Bahrain — Volunteers slowly rebuilding a new mosque from the wreckage of its 950-year-old predecessor in Bahrain have two tasks: One group works while others watch for a return of security forces who drove bulldozers through its walls last year.
  7. Iran looking keen to import wheat from Madhya Pradesh
    BHOPAL: Facing UN sanctions over its nuclear programme, Iran is looking forward to import wheat from Madhya Pradesh, a state which has almost come close to the second largest wheat producer Haryana this year.
  8. ‘Muslims urged to fight constitutional order’
    BERLIN, June 14, (AP): German authorities launched a nationwide crackdown Thursday on an ultraconservative Islamic organization, raiding homes, meeting halls and mosques, while banning one related group and opening in an investigation of two others.