1. 27th Rajab Holy Prophet’s(S.A.W.A.) Appointment to the Prophetic Mission
    When Muhammad (S.A.W.A.) was 38 years of age, he spent most of his time in meditation and solitude. The cave of the mount Hira was his favorite place. It is there that he used to retire with food and water and spend days and weeks in remembrance of Allah. Nobody was allowed to go there except Khadijah(RA) and ‘Ali(AS). He used to spend the whole month of Ramadhan therein.
  2. Iraq: “Day of Karbala” Planned for Auspicious Birth Anniversary of Imam Hussein (pbuh)
    On the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), a special ceremony titled “Day of Karbala” is scheduled to be held in Iraqs Karbala Province.
  3. Advanced Stages in the Project of Installing Glass Tents of Al Abbas Holy Shrine
    Technical and Engineering staffs working in the project of expanding Al Abbas Holy Shrine by roofing its courtyard achieve advanced stages of installing the glass tents on the open areas of the roof of the holy shrine.
  4. Thousands of Bahraini People Jubilant after Death of Saudi Crown Prince
    Bahraini people are celebrating the death of the Saudi Crown Prince as Riyadh, specially deceased Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, have played a main role in the suppression of the Bahraini protesters by the Al-Khalifa regime.
  5. Nahjolbalagheh library window to Mohammad’s(SAWA) city of knowledge
    Located on Maharat cul-de-sac, Enghelab Eslami St., the specialized Nahjolbalagheh library has given the neighborhood a special scent which gives you the feeling that Ali (AS) has just walked in the alley.The library is now keeping over 5,000 volumes on Imam Ali(AS) and Nahjolbalagheh in different languages like German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Bosnian and Urdu.
  6. Truth dies in war: Eyewitness version of Houla massacre
    The Houla massacre is a turning point in the Syrian conflict. Supported by the accounts of UN observers, the Western public blames the Syrian army for the bloodbath. This version can be doubted based on reports from eye-witnesses, according to whom the civilians were killed by Sunni rebels.
  7. Nasser bin Hamad Alkhalifa is a sadistic torturer, Ban him from Olympic games
    As preparations for London Olympics get underway questions are being asked about the possible attendance of certain criminals whose presence will undoubtedly stain the reputation of the sports and undermine the values of dignity, justice and human rights.
  8. Iraq’s president threatens to quit
    Iraqi President Jalal al-Talabani has threatened to step down if Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is given a vote of no confidence.
  9. Iran nabs 20 involved in nuclear scientists’ assassinations
    Iran’s Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi says at least 20 people, involved in the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, have been identified and arrested.
  10. Syrian Authorities Foil Terrorist Infiltration Attempts, Terrorists
    Detonate Car Bombs in Aleppo and Hama Border Guard forces foiled on Saturday an infiltration attempt by an armed terrorist group from Turkey into Syrian territories in Idleb countryside.