1. US warns dissident Mujahideen-e Khalq to leave Iraq camp
    The United States has warned an Iranian dissident group to leave a camp in Iraq where they have been based in exile, if it hopes to be removed from a US terrorist list.
  2. Iran, world powers fail to bridge nuclear impasse
    MOSCOW — Iran and world powers on Monday locked horns in hours of tense talks in Moscow seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis over Tehran’s nuclear programme with no breakthrough in sight.
  3. Maliki Opponents Try New Tact to Remove Him from Power
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Maliki’s rivals are determined to unseat him, and they have created three committees — ministerial, parliamentary and legal — to fulfill the task after their attempt to withdraw confidence through President Jalal Talabani failed.
  4. Crown prince’s death unsettle Saudi royals
    SAUDI Arabia succession issue after Crown Prince Nayef’s death adds to state’s problems such as Shia unrest and youth joblessness.
  5. Saudi arrests liberal activist
    Saudi authorities have arrested a local activist who has established a liberal network, a human rights activist told AFP on Monday.
  6. US urges Iranian exiles to leave Iraqi camp
    The United States on Monday urged Iranian exiles to resume moving to a new camp near Baghdad, warning a current stalemate would harm a bid to be struck from the terror blacklist and could fan violence.
  7. Putin and Obama warn Iran of nuclear obligations
    US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly warned Iran on Monday it must comply with its nuclear obligations, as talks with Tehran in Moscow ran into trouble.
  8. Relatives of abducted Shia pilgrims temporarily block airport road
    The relatives of the 11 Lebanese Shia pilgrims that were abducted in Syria last month staged a sit-in and blocked the road leading to Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport, the National News Agency (NNA) reported on Monday.
  9. 36 Iraqi Shia, Sunni Martyred in Suicide Attack at Shiite Funeral
    Today’s worst attack took place at a funeral where mourners had gathered to pay respect to a Shi’ite sheikh. Elsewhere, Sunnis were among the targets. Overall, at least 36 Iraqis were martyred and 82 more were wounded.
  10. 5 killed in attack on Shia students in Quetta
    Five persons were killed and more than 50 others injured when a bus carrying Shia students was targeted with a powerful car bomb in Quetta city of southwest Pakistan today, officials said.