1. Iraq will “use all means” to get archaeological archives back from US
    BAGHDAD: Iraq has cut cooperation with the United States on archaeological exploration because Washington has not returned Iraq’s Jewish archives, Tourism and Archaeology Minister Liwaa Smaisim told AFP.
  2. Bomb kills nine young football players and fans
    Nine young soccer players and fans were killed when a bomb exploded near a pitch in southern Iraq, health officials said. This is the latest in a wave of attacks raising fears of a return to widespread sectarian violence.
  3. Two crew quit, then asylum boat sank
    BEFORE the asylum boat sank midway between Indonesia and Christmas Island last week, killing an estimated 90 people, two crew are believed to have left the boat.
  4. NATO rejects intervention in Turkey-Syria fracas over shootdown
    As Syria and Turkey escalated their war of words, NATO nations were to gather in emergency session Tuesday to show solidarity with Ankara even as the world’s most powerful military alliance made clear it has no interest, and no mandate, to intervene in Syria’s worsening civil war.
  5. Syria violence erupts here as fearful Alawis lay the blame on Carr
    THE small Alawite community in Australia say they have been targeted by vicious “jihadist” attacks as the bloody Syrian conflict spills over into Arabic communities in Sydney and Melbourne.
  6. Iraq faces painful legacy of mass graves
    Iraq wants to put the legacy of murderous dictator Saddam Hussein behind it, but faces a huge need for specialists to excavate mass graves thought to contain at least half a million unidentified victims.
  7. Protest as Iraq moves to close 44 media outlets
    An Iraqi press freedom group condemned authorities on Sunday for ordering the closure of 44 news organizations, including a U.S.-funded radio station. The country’s media commission said it was only targeting unlicensed operations.
  8. Opposition activists call for arrest of Bahrain Olympic chief
    Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa is the head of Bahrain’s Olympic committee and is due to lead the country’s delegation during the Olympics Games in London.
  9. Bahrain shouldn’t pass new laws to regulate social media
    The minister in charge of implementing media reforms in Bahrain made waves earlier this month when she promised that the country would soon introduce laws to regulate the misuse of social media in the country.
  10. Russia reiterates opposition to foreign interference in Syria
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again warned against any foreign intervention in Syria while on a rare visit to the Middle East.