1. Bahrain: Hold Police Accountable in Teargas Episode
    Bahrain authorities should investigate police actions during recent demonstrations that injured one activist and narrowly missed injuring a journalist.
  2. Bahrain Escalates Attacks on Civil Society
    Prominent members of civil society groups in Bahrain continue to be targets of harassment and abuseas the regime shows little sign of delivering human rights reforms.
  3. Kazmi tells police Iran Guard unit attacked Israeli diplomat
    A police officer probing the February 13 attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi has claimed that journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi, arrested for allegedly aiding the attack, told investigators that the module behind the attack belonged to the Quds Force which conducts overseas operations for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
  4. Jihadists claim Syria attacks
    BEIRUT (AP) — An al-Qaida-inspired group claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks across Syria, the latest evidence that extremists are exploiting the chaos to make inroads in another Middle Eastern country.
  5. Tighter sanctions on Iran trigger threats and defiance
    Harsh new sanctions imposed on Iran were intended to so deprive its citizens of life’s necessities that the government would be forced to end what the U.S. and its allies fear is a program to build nuclear weapons.
  6. Pakistan: Killings Of Shiite Muslims Under Nose of Military
    Pakistan: Killings Of Shiite Muslims Under The Very Nose Of The Military — The ‘Independent Judiciary’ Turns A Blind Eye While The Government Continues Its Policy Of Appeasement
  7. West must give Iran little more room
    Despite international sanctions and isolation, Iran has shown remarkable innovativeness in developing a wide-ranging nuclear programme. This programme includes nuclear facilities, and the ability to convert indigenous raw uranium yellow cake into fuel, together with the capability to produce zirconium.
  8. Indonesian Prosecutors Demand 4 Years for Shiite Leader Over Alleged Blasphemy
    The Sampang prosecutors office in East Java on Wednesday demanded a four-year prison term for a local leader of the Shiite branch of Islam, on charges of blasphemy.
  9. Talks, ferry ride to mark Shia holy day
    MUMBAI: Shias in the city will celebrate the birthday of the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi, on Thursday. A series of functions, including talks on the Imam, recitation of poetry in his praise and a trip on a catamaran from Bhaucha Dhakka to the Gateway are on the cards.
  10. Syria’s Assad assails Turkish leader Erdogan in newspaper interview
    BEIRUT — Syrian President Bashar Assad took direct aim at Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday in the second part of an interview with a Turkish newspaper, signaling the latest escalation of the nasty war of words between officials of the two formerly allied nations.