1. Iraqi security forces arrested 42 terrorists during Shia visit
    The precautionary measures made by security forces before and during the al-Shaabaniya visit witnessed the arrest of 42 wanted men, a spokesperson of the defense ministry said on Friday.
  2. Syrian President: Borders with Turkey Changed into Borders for Smuggling Arms and Terrorists into Syria
    President Bashar al-Assad said in part 4 of an interview he gave to a Turkish daily that no matter how more intensified the sanctions could get Syria’s stances will not change.
  3. Nahj-ul-Balaqa Available in Thai Language
    The book has been translated by Thailands Center for Islamic Studies.
  4. Bahrainis rally against US meddling in Manama’s affairs
    Bahraini people have taken to the streets in several towns to stage anti-government rallies and express their anger at US for meddling with their country’s internal affairs.
  5. Russia’s Loud NO to No-Fly Zone over Syria
    Russia has rejected a call to establish a Libya-like no-fly zone over Syria proposed by the United States and its allies.
  6. Annan says more attention should be paid to Iran’s role in Syria
    Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League joint special envoy on Syria, has said that more attention needs to be paid to the role of Iran to help resolve the Syrian crisis.
  7. Italy high official: how can I ban hijab while Mary wore it
    Italian Minister of Interior affairs has rejected signing on the law to forbid Hijab in his country.
  8. Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills 7 Of His Own Family
    BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged belt at a gathering of his own family in western Iraq, killing his pro-government cousin and six other relatives, officials said Saturday.