1. Anti-war protesters to demonstrate before Bahraini embassy in London
    Anti-war protesters have organized a demonstration outside the Bahraini embassy in London to condemn the crimes of the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain and demand the release of arrested protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.
  2. 2 car bombs dismantled in Karbala
    The two car bombs were dismantled following an intelligence report that the two cars had entered the city.
  3. Moscow warns repressive Riyadh of interfaith conflicts
    Russia has expressed concern over the repression of popular protests in Saudi Arabia, calling on Riyadh to prevent a possible outbreak of sectarian conflict in the kingdom, Press TV reports.
  4. Iraq’s al Qaeda claims June attacks on Shia
    Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq has claimed responsibility for dozens of bombings and assassinations targeting Shi’ite Muslims that rocked cities and towns across the country in June.
  5. Two Pakistani Brothers Converted to Shia Islam Beheaded by Extremist Wahhabis
    According to reports 2 brothers, Ahmed Yar and Qasim Ali, who had converted to Shiite Islam a short while ago were beheaded by extremist Wahhabis last night in Sargodah’s Tehsilkot Momin.
  6. Indonesia jails Shia cleric for blasphemy
    An Indonesian court has sentenced a Shia cleric to two years’ imprisonment for blasphemy. Tajul Muluk was said to have taught a deviation from mainstream Islam and had therefore caused “public anxiety”.
  7. Thousands of Saudis Held Funeral for Martyr Protester Amid Soaring Tensions + Pics
    Tensions are escalating in Saudi Arabia as people hold a funeral ceremony for a man martyred during as protest against the arrest of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nemer al-Nemer.
  8. New sanctions on Iran push oil prices up
    New York: Fears of violence in the Persian Gulf escalated, pushing the price of oil higher. The Obama administration slapped Iran with more sanctions aimed at stifling its nuclear program. Traders, who worry that the sanctions will eventually lead to a military conflict in the Gulf, responded by buying oil.
  9. Syria forces seize Israel-made arms from rebels
    Syrian forces have confiscated Israeli-made arms from anti-government rebels in the western city of Hama, Press TV reports.
  10. Amnesty International urges Bahrain to allow rallies
    Amnesty International has called on the Bahraini regime to allow peaceful protests after it banned a planned demonstration by the sheikdom’s main political bloc, al-Wefaq.