1. US imposes new Iran sanctions
    The Obama administration, seeking to plug loopholes in its sanctions against Iran, said last night that it would impose additional measures against more than a dozen companies and people involved in that country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
  2. Cyber war on Iran has only just begun: Experts
    WASHINGTON: A US cyber war against Iran’s nuclear program may have only just begun and could escalate with explosions triggered by digital sabotage, experts say.
  3. Apple products in demand in Iran despite sanctions
    DUBAI: At its gleaming store, Radan Mac offers the latest Apple gear – the new iPad, iPhones, iPods, laptops, all-in-one desktop computers and more.
  4. India gets first Iran oil after embargo
    Bangalore: India received its first crude oil shipment from Iran after an insurance embargo by the European Union took effect on 1 July, forcing the Persian Gulf nation to disguise its tankers in order to haul the fuel to its second biggest customer.
  5. Saudi Arabia brings more troops to Shiite areas
    Saudi Arabia has increased the number of troops in the country’s eastern areas in the wake of protests by local Shiite communities, Al Jazeera reports.
  6. Iraqis escape country’s woes at lake resort
    Jet skis skimmed across the lake as families picniced on the shores. A resort just west of Baghdad was an oasis of relative calm that offered escape from bombs, shootings and political squabbling.
  7. Convicted Shiite cleric: I am not an infidel
    Shiite cleric Tajul Muluk described his two-year prison sentence as a politically engineered verdict aimed at alienating Shia Muslims after he was sentenced by the Sampang District Court, East Java, on Thursday.
  8. Mohamed al-Nimr: It’s About Qatif Not Iran
    When the issue of Qatif in Saudi Arabia is brought to the table, it immediately brings with it the conflict between the Arab Gulf states and Iran. Some claim that the region is a card in the Islamic Republic’s hand, as it manipulates its “tools” to destabilize the kingdom.