1. Iran to hold 1st intl. Qur’anic manuscript exhibition
    The capital city of Tehran is planning to hold the first international exhibition of Qur’anic manuscripts at Iran’s National Library and Document Center.
  2. Imam Sadjad’s Tract of Rights published in Bosnian
    Iran’s cultural attaché in Bosnia has published the Bosnian rendition of Imam Sadjad’s Tract of Rights.
  3. Iraqi protesters hold demo for missing pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
    Iraqi protesters have held a demonstration in the central province of Babil following the disappearing of 55 Iraqi pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Saudi protesters hold anti-regime demonstration in Buraydah
    Angry Saudi protesters have held a demonstration against the repressive regime of Al Saud in a city near the capital Riyadh as popular uprising continues to rock the Kingdom.
  5. Turks to hold demonstration against Al Saud regime in Istanbul
    A demonstration against the oppressive regime of Al Saud and in solidarity with anti-regime protesters in the kingdom is scheduled to be held in the Turkish city of Istanbul.
  6. Najaf Friday prayer leader condemns Shia suppression in S. Arabia
    Friday Prayer Leader of Holy Najaf here Friday condemned suppression of Shi’a Muslims in Saudi Arabia, and arresting of renowned Shi’a clergy Sheikh Nimr Abdullah Nimr, calling those moves war against Shi’a Muslims.
  7. Shia killing watchdog site apparently banned
    A website which acts as watchdog for murder of Shias, motivated by sectarian differences, Shiakilling.com, was apparently blocked on Saturday night.
  8. Bahrainis slam ban on protest rallies
    Bahraini protesters have condemned the Al Khalifa regime for imposing a ban on opposition rallies, blocking the streets in the villages of Dair and Sitra using burning tires.
  9. Saudi protester killed in latest unrest
    DUBAI: An 18-year-old Saudi Arabian man was shot dead by security forces in the ultra-conservative Gulf Kingdom’s Awamiyah city in the Eastern Province, reports said late Friday.