1. Ban in China seeking tougher action on Syria
    UN chief Ban Ki-moon is expected to press China’s leaders Wednesday to back tougher action to stop violence in Syria before a Security Council showdown over a resolution threatening sanctions.
  2. United Nations Security Council to vote on sanctions to curb authorities use of heavy weapons
    United Nations Security Council to vote on sanctions for Syria to get authorities to stop using heavy weapons.
  3. ‘HSBC report pushes West to rethink alliance with Saudi Arabia’
    A US Senate subcommittee has discovered that British banking giant HSBC gave money to a Saudi bank with suspected links to terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. Saudi Arabia has not responded to the findings.
  4. Turkey’s Alawites fearful over Syria uprising
    Members of minority sect say they are concerned about the increasingly sectarian tone of Syria’s uprising.
  5. Lebanon’s Sleiman holds talks on kidnapped pilgrims in Turkey
    Lebanese President Michel Sleiman held talks with Turkish leaders on Tuesday about the fate of 11 Lebanese Shia pilgrims kidnapped in Syria two months ago.
  6. Maliki warns neighbors over violations of Iraqi airspace
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued a warning to his neighbors on Tuesday for what he said are “frequent violations of Iraqi airspace,” adding that his administration will not remain silent in the face of these violations.
  7. Bahrain: ill-treatment of ex-police officer Ali Al-Ghanmi and other prisoners in Jaw Prison
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) express concerns over the ill-treatment and harassment of ex-police officer Ali Al-Ghanmi (26) who is detained since 4 May 2011…
  8. Saudi Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Tortured by Authorities
    Saudi activist assured that prominent cleric Sheikh Nimr Nimr was being tortured by the Saudi authorities.
  9. Pak bomb aimed at Shia Muslims, kills 12
    Parachinar: A minibus carrying Shia Muslims hit a roadside bomb in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing 12 of them in the country’s latest apparent sectarian attack.
  10. Violence erupts as police use force to break up rally against Shia killings
    Several members of the Shia community were injured at Purani Numiash on Tuesday when police tear-gassed a demonstration against the killing of people from the sect and the blocking of a website that highlighted the murders.