1. Iraqi PM orders all borders open to Syria refugees
    AL-WALEED: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has ordered his country’s borders to be opened up to allow Syrian refugees fleeing violence at home to enter Iraq, his office said on Monday.
  2. Saudi Authorities Detained Three Shiite Youngsters
    Saudi Wahhabi authorities arrested 3 Shia youngsters on charges of organizing the detonations and inciting violence against the security forces.
  3. Defected Qatari official reveals Doha-Tel Aviv plot on Syria
    A Qatari official who has recently defected to Venezuela says his country is fully aware that armed groups cannot topple the Syrian government, but it is helping them because Israel has tasked Doha with provoking violence in pro-Palestine countries.
  4. Bahraini protesters demand release of prisoners
    Bahraini anti-regime protesters have held demonstrations in the northeastern island of Sitra and the western village of Karzakan to demand the release of prisoners.
  5. Saudi forces wear Bahrain police uniforms: Sheikh Ali Salman
    The leader of Bahrain’s main opposition party, Al Wefaq National Islamic Society, says Saudi forces wear Bahraini police uniforms in their crackdown on anti-regime protesters in Bahrain.
  6. Grand Iranian Cleric: Diversion and lie, tools used by Wahhabis
    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi said: Diversion and lie are the most important tools used by Wahhabis to divert Quran and tell lies to reach their malignant aims.
  7. Bahraini prisoners are beaten during the first dayof the holy month of Ramadan
    A political detainee in Dry Dock Prison is facing a serious danger to his life due to his deteriorating health situation…
  8. Poetry collection on Imam Mahdi unveiled
    IBNA: According to Soreie Mehr Publications, the pieces are compiled by Shirinali Golmoradi in 7 years in a book entitled as What a Road.
  9. Shia Mosque ‘Ale-Mohammad’ opens in Zimbabwe
    Sponsored by Iranian, Lebanon and Asian Shia Muslims the first Mosque for Shia Muslims opened in Zimbabwe.
  10. Shia official shot, injured in Quetta
    QUETTA: The Deputy Director Schools, Abrar Hussain Ahmed, got seriously injured when unidentified persons fired at him. In a crossfire, Ahmed’s guard killed one attacker, however, others escaped. The incident happened just outside the Directorate Education Office, Shawak Shah Road, when Ahmed was about to enter the premises.