1. The Saudi opposition is preparing to hold its first conference abroad
    In an interview with “Always News” a Saudi national politically opposed to the government announced all parties of the opposition were preparing to hold Saudi Arabia’s first conference of the Opposition abroad.
  2. New novel on Hazrat Abolfazl to be published
    Written by Abolfazl Zarouei Nasarabad, a novel based upon the life of Hazrat Abolfazl (son of Imam Ali ibn Abitaleb) will be published by Neyestan publications.
  3. Britain’s ex-army commandos train armed rebels in Syria: UK media
    Britain’s former Special Air Service (SAS) commandos are reportedly training armed opposition groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reports say.
  4. Saudi protesters call for release of political prisoners
    Saudi protesters have gathered in front of the interior ministry in the capital city Riyadh to demand the release of political prisoners held captive in the Kingdom.
  5. 19 wanted arrested in Kirkuk, Iraq
    Police sources said here today that a joint force arrested 19 wanted and suspects in a security operation south west of the city.
  6. Call for papers for Imam Ali Naghi Conference issued
    The international Imam Ali Naghi Cultural, Literary Conference will be held with poetry, literary papers and works as its focal points. Those interested in the event may submit their works by August 22, 2012 to the secretariat of the conference.
  7. Imam Musa Sadr’s Sister Refutes Rumors about Sadr’s Death
    Sister of the kidnapped Shiite Cleric, Imam Musa al-Sadr, rebutted rumors about his brother’s death, and underscored that no shred of evidence has yet been found to prove the death of the abducted cleric.
  8. Shia Quran Interpretation Methods Based on Imam Sadeq’s (AS) Approach
    All Shia methods of Quran interpretation have originated from Imam Sadeq’s (AS) Quran interpretation approach, a university scholar said.
  9. Qaida playing deadly role in Syria conflict
    CAIRO: It is the sort of image that has become a staple of the Syrian revolution, a video of masked men calling themselves the Free Syrian Army and brandishing AK-47 s — with one unsettling difference. In the background hang two flags of al-Qaida, white Arabic writing on a black field.