1. 325 deaths in Iraq makes July the bloodiest month in two years
    Militants killed 325 Iraqis in July making it the bloodiest month in two years, according to Health Ministry figures there.
  2. Bahrain crown prince urges police restraint
    Bahrain’s crown prince has ordered police to exercise restraint in dealing with protesters and to avoid sectarian discrimination, as opposition activists accuse the state of cracking down on pro-democracy protests.
  3. Book on Vahabism to be released
    Abazar Nasr Esfahani has compiled a book on critiques against Vahabism in which he reviews almost 2,200 books about the falsity of the belief based on Shia and Sunni viewpoints.
  4. Terrorists linked to Jundullah group killed, arrested in Syria
    TEHRAN – A number of terrorists linked to the Jundullah group have been either killed or arrested during recent clashes between Syrian security forces and armed rebels in Aleppo, the news website Shia-Online.ir reported on Wednesday.
  5. Iraq tells MKO to leave Camp Ashraf or be forced out
    TEHRAN – The Iraqi government on Tuesday told the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization that it must move out of Camp New Iraq, which was formerly known as Camp Ashraf, immediately or be forced to leave, Reuters reported.
  6. Syrian MP killed publicly by FSA firing squad
    Zeino al-Barri, a politician from a Sunni clan loyal to Syria’s President, is killed publicly in Aleppo.
  7. Iran to send monkey into space after month of Ramadan
    TEHRAN – Iran plans to send a live monkey into space aboard a rocket called Kavoshgar-5 (explorer-5) after the month of Ramadan, Iran Space Agency (ISA) Director Hamid Fazeli announced on Wednesday.
  8. Syria fighting the battle of life, Assad says
    President Bashar al-Assad has said Syria is engaged in a “crucial and heroic” battle that will determine the destiny of the Arab nation.
  9. al-Wefaq: Bahraini regime forces attack 311 houses
    Bahrain’s main opposition al-Wefaq party says Saudi-backed security forces have attacked hundreds of civilian homes across the country over the past two months.
  10. Bahrain authorities ‘weaponising’ tear gas
    A US-based human rights group has accused the authorities in Bahrain of indiscriminately using tear gas as a weapon against protesters.