1. Kidnapped Lebanese Shiite pilgrim says abductees are “well”
    One of the kidnapped Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Syria, Ali Zoughaib, said in an interview broadcast by LBC television on Saturday evening that he, as well as the other abducted pilgrims were “well.”
  2. Fresh anti-regime protests in Saudi Arabia after teen’s death
    Protesters have demonstrated in Saudi Arabia, condemning the regime’s brutality after the police killed a teenager in the Qatif city of the oil-rich Eastern Province.
  3. Saudi TV shows video of Iranian pilgrims abducted in Syria
    The Saudi television has shown a video of 48 Iranian pilgrims a day after they were kidnapped by insurgents near the Syrian capital of Damascus.
  4. AlWefaq: Bahrain Regime uses teargases to kill, not to disperse
    Al Wefaq stressed “the regime uses toxic tear gas, as well as their canisters, to intentionally kill and harm citizens and not just to disperse protests. Regime forces are directly shooting tear gas canisters as live ammunition against pro-democracy protesters, causing tens of injuries and in some cases even deaths.”
  5. Iran asks Qatar to help free Iranian pilgrims kidnapped in Syria
    Iran calls on Qatar to do its best to help free Iranian pilgrims abducted in Syria on Saturday.
  6. 5 Taliban terrorists arrested in Multan, planned to kill Pakistani Shia Leader
    Multan Police, on Saturday, arrested five alleged terrorists belonging to the Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) Noor Gul group, foiling their attempts of carrying out terrorist activities.
  7. Al Qaeda prisoners try to tunnel out of Iraqi jail
    BAGHDAD: A group of al Qaeda prisoners was caught trying to tunnel out of Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, an official said on Sunday, after the militants said they would step up their fight against the government.
  8. Tehran displays paintings on Imam Ali (PBUH)
    Tehran’s Shokouh Art Gallery has mounted an exhibition of paintings on Imam Ali (PBUH), the first Shia’s Imam, on the occasion of Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan.
  9. Religious parties condemn killings of Shia activists
    Various religious parties have strongly condemned the target killings of Shia activists and said that during the last two months of June and July 40 Shias had become the victims of target killings.