1. Al-Akhdar Al-Ibrahimi to Succeed Annan as UN Envoy to Syria
    A veteran Alegrian diplomat, al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi is to be named as the new UN envoy to Syria in place of former envoy Kofi Annan.
  2. Suicide bomber kills five at mosque near Mosul
    A suicide bomber driving a truck attacked a Shia mosque near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul as Friday prayers ended, killing at least five people and wounding 70, police and health officials said.
  3. Saudi Arabia must charge or release detained dissident cleric
    Saudi Arabian cleric and outspoken critic of the Saudi government held in detention for more than a month must be either charged with a recognizably criminal offence or released, Amnesty International has said.
  4. Shia shrine caught up in Syrian violence
    Seyyide Zeineb’s mosque, near Damascus, is one of Syria’s holiest places for Shia Muslims. The surrounding streets are normally among the busiest on earth, teeming with people.
  5. Syria accuses US, others of overseeing rebel battles
    Aug 10 (Reuters) – Syria has accused Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of running military operation centers in Turkey to support the rebels by overseeing battles in Syria’s 17-month conflict.
  6. Two injured in attack on Shia procession in Karachi
    Unidentified gunmen have opened fire on a Shia procession in Karachi, injuring two people.
  7. UK vows $7.8 mln to Syrian rebels, US readies more sanctions
    British Foreign Secretary William Hague offered nearly $8 million to Syrian rebels in non-military support while the US prepares new sanctions to target Damascus and its allies. But will taking sides in a civil war only lead to more bloodshed?
  8. Establishment of contact group on Syria proposed at Tehran meeting
    TEHRAN – The countries that participated in the Tehran Consultative Meeting on Syria on Thursday proposed that a contact group be established to help defuse the Syrian crisis through political channels.
  9. Iraq inaugurates 430 kilometre highway
    The Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing on Friday (August 10th) inaugurated a strategic road that links Baghdad to southern Iraqi cities.
  10. Armed Sunni-Shiite clashes renew in Akkar
    Armed clashes erupted Friday between members of the Shiite Jaafar family and residents of the Akkar town of Akroum, the National News Agency reported.