1. Pakistan: Terrorists of Taliban formally launches its activities in Karachi
    Outlawed Taliban has formally launched its activities in Karachi where they have collected donations and also extorted money from shop keepers.
  2. Detained Terrorist: Jordanian Salafi Groups Arming Syrian Rebels
    A Jordanian terrorist detained at the Syrian border while smuggling arms and ammunitions for terrorist and rebel groups revealed in his confession that Salafi extremist groups in Jordan are supporting Syrian rebels and their sabotage activities.
  3. Syria’s OIC suspension ‘unfair’: Iran
    TEHRAN – Iran on Thursday slammed a decision by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to suspend Syria’s membership, calling the step against its key ally “unfair and unjust.”
  4. Hundreds of Saudis hold anti-regime demonstrations
    Anti-regime protesters have demonstrated in Saudi Arabia to condemn the regime’s crackdown on peaceful protests and call for the release of political prisoners.
  5. Bahrain opposition activist jailed
    A Bahrain Shia opposition activist has been sentenced to three years in jail for taking part in anti-government protests.
  6. 20 Shia Muslims shot in Pakistan, official says
    A Pakistani official says gunmen forced 20 Shia Muslims off buses in northern Pakistan and killed them.
  7. UN, US asked to pressure Pak to open Gilgit-Ladakh trade route
    A day after the killing of 21 Shias by militants, an organisation representing the people of Gilgit Baltistan has asked the United States and the United Nations to put pressure on Pakistan to open the trade routes with Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Laddakh.
  8. Samajwadi Party expels Shia Waqf Board chief
    LUCKNOW: The Samajwadi Party on Thursday expelled former SP corporator Wasim Rizvi on charges of anti-party activities and indiscipline. Rizvi, who at present is the officiating head of Shia Waqf Board, has also been suspended for six years from the party’s primary membership.
  9. Kidnappings, Riots Hit Lebanon
    BEIRUT—Rival extremist Shiite and Sunni groups kidnapped Syrians and staged violent riots near the Syria-Lebanon border on Thursday, as the bloodiest Arab Spring crisis pushed neighboring Lebanon into deeper unrest.
  10. Pre-Eid attacks in Iraq kill 53
    BAGHDAD: A wave of attacks across Iraq killed at least 53 people on Thursday amid warnings that insurgents would mount deadly attacks ahead of the end of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.