1. Post-massacre, Pakistan army flights help Shia exodus
    A series of sectarian massacres on one of Pakistan’s most important roads has forced the government to lay on military flights for Shias travelling to and from the country’s capital. The decision to allocate C-130 Hercules transport planes for the use of civilians travelling between
  2. Terror strikes on Eid eve
    Tripoli: Two car bombs exploded in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, killing two people and injuring several others early on Sunday, a security official said.
  3. Sunni cleric wounded in bomb blast
    A prominent Iraqi Sunni cleric who urged Islamist armed groups to end their insurgency was critically wounded, and four of his bodyguards killed, when a car bomb hit his convoy in Baghdad today.
  4. Sectarian attacks: Cases registered but no headway
    KARACHI: As sectarian tensions run high in Karachi, the police have failed to make any headway in the investigations of the killings that followed the Safari Park bomb blast on Friday.
  5. Naran massacre: In Gilgit, fear mars Eid preparations
    Residents of Gilgit are gripped in fear and forced to remain indoors following the carnage of 19 Shia passengers in Naran valley of Mansehra district. The ruthless killing overshadowed Eid preparation in the town that is still in a state of shock.
  6. Iran vows new homes for shaken quake victims
    Iran has announced plans to build 20,000 houses for people left homeless by Saturday’s twin earthquakes in the country’s rural northwest.
  7. Ramadan game brings tinderbox Iraq city together
    KIRKUK, Iraq: Every Ramadan, as they have for decades, the diverse residents of Kirkuk gathered to play a game called Siniyah, which remains one of the few apolitical traditions in the disputed city of northern Iraq.
  8. Masked gunmen wound eight in Russian mosque: Ministry
    Moscow: Masked gunmen burst into a mosque in the troubled Russian Caucasus region of Dagestan, wounding eight, the regional interior ministry said Saturday amid reports that more people were hurt in an explosion.
  9. Iraq helping Iran avoid US sanctions
    When President Barack Obama announced last month that he was barring a Baghdad bank from any dealings with the US banking system, it was a rare acknowledgment of a delicate problem facing the administration in a country that US troops just left: For months, Iraq has been helping Iran skirt the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran because of its nuclear program.
  10. Syria opposition, UN envoy spar over Assad’s ouster
    The opposition Syrian National Council and new UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi had a run-in on Sunday over whether it was time for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. “The revolutionary Syrian people were shocked and dismayed by Mr Lakhdar Brahimi’s statements,” said the exiled opposition coalition, triggering a retort from the envoy.