1. Attacks in Iraq killed 409 people in Ramadan: AFP tally
    Bombings and shootings in Iraq killed at least 409 people and wounded 975 during the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, according to an AFP tally based on security and medical officials.
  2. Bahraini regime forces attack protesters in Dar Kulaib
    Bahraini security forces have attacked anti-regime demonstrators in a village west of the country, following an earlier attack by the police that killed a 16-year-old boy near the capital, Manama.
  3. Bahrain to resume flights to Iran and Iraq
    Bahrain’s national carrier will start flying to Iran and Iraq again this September.
  4. Iranian Currency Traders Find a Haven in Afghanistan
    KABUL, Afghanistan — With American and European sanctions spurring a currency crisis in Iran, officials say a growing number of Iranians are packing trucks with devalued rials and heading to the freewheeling currency market next door in American-occupied Afghanistan, to trade for dollars.
  5. U.S. Extortion Against Standard Chartered Bank Shows Bias Against Iran
    Is This Incident A Retaliation Because A Bank Official Made A Disparaging Comment About US Hostility To Iran?
  6. Universities in Iran Put Limits on Women’s Options
    Thirty-six universities in Iran have banned women from 77 fields of study.
  7. India caught in crossfire of global cyber war
    There is a cyber war going on between Iran and a few other countries. And India has been caught in the crossfire. It all started two years ago with Stuxnet, considered the most sophisticated computer virus ever and the virtual world’s first weapon of mass destruction. Stuxnet is like a laserguided missile. Compared to it, the older generation of viruses and trojans (malicious computer programmes) seem like crude bombs, says Shantanu Ghosh, MD, Symantec, a cyber security firm. It is capable of wrecking massive damage to digital infrastructure.
  8. Iraq rejects report it is helping Iran avoid sanctions
    Aug 20 (Reuters) – Iraq on Monday said its trade and financial ties with Iran were in compliance with international law, rejecting a report it was helping its neighbour get around U.S. and European sanctions imposed because of Tehran’s nuclear programme.
  9. Obama Threatens Force Against Syria
    WASHINGTON — President Obama warned Syria on Monday that it would face American military intervention if there were signs that its arsenal of unconventional weapons was being moved or prepared for use. It was Mr. Obama’s first direct threat of force against Syria, as he has resisted being drawn into the bloody 18-month rebellion.