1. Mohammed Sahwan, infected with 80 shrapnel in head and neck, denied medical treatment in the prison of Bahrain
    Bahrain: Authorities still preventing treatment of injured prisoners, leaving them languishing in prisons in this heinous crime
  2. Bahrainis hold anti-regime rallies in Sitra, Nuwaidrat
    Bahraini anti-regime protesters have taken to the streets in the island of Sitra and the Nuwaidrat village in the country’s northwest, despite heavy-handed crackdown by Saudi-backed forces.
  3. Army Clashes with Terrorists in Aleppo and Homs, Infiltration Attempt Foiled
    The armed forces on Tuesday continued cleaning Aleppo’s neighborhoods from the mercenary terrorists.
  4. Sadness and grief on the first days of Eid Al-Fitr in Bahrain
    Bahrain is living a sad atmosphere during this Eid. It is supposed to be one of the happiest Muslims occasions celebrated by Muslim communities around the world at the end of Ramadan. Whilst, Bahrainis celebrate it by mourning an innocent child who was brutally murdered by the regime forces.
  5. Bahrain: “Eid without Kids”… more than 90 children abused behind bars
    Bahrain marks Eid Al-Fitr occasion while 90 children , who are below the average legal age, have been kept behind bars treating them like adults by detaining them with accusation that do not go with their age.
  6. Killing of Iraqi swimmers sparks condemnation, arrests
    Iraqi citizens and officials have condemned the killing of six swimmers last week by gunmen suspected of belonging to al-Qaeda.
  7. Deadly clashes over Syria in Lebanese city of Tripoli
    Three people have been killed in the Lebanese city of Tripoli in clashes between opponents and supporters of Syria’s president, officials say.
  8. Syria envoy says Assad resignation is up for discussion
    Syria’s deputy prime minister has said the government is prepared to discuss the exit of Bashar al-Assad, but that the president’s resignation cannot be a pre-condition for talks.
  9. Al Qaeda in Iraq video details deadly raid in Haditha
    The Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda’s political front in the country, recently released a video detailing a sophisticated attack in March that included dozens of fighters dressed as police commandos in the western city of Haditha in Anbar province. During the raid, al Qaeda in Iraq fighters killed 27 Iraqi policemen, including two police commanders.