1. Syrian forces allegedly kill more than 300 near Damascus in ‘execution-style’ massacre
    ALEPPO, Syria/AMMAN — Syrian opposition activists accused President Bashar al-Assad’s army on Sunday of massacring hundreds of people in a town close to the capital that government forces recaptured from rebels.
  2. Iraq seeks to curb frontier spillover from Syria crisis
    (Reuters) – Iraq’s military is trying to staunch spillover from Syria’s crisis, tightening border controls as its troops exchange fire with gunmen, rockets hit a frontier patrol and Syrian army shells land on an Iraqi border town.
  3. Iraq attacks kill 10 people
    BAGHDAD — A series of attacks in and around Baghdad and in north Iraq on Sunday killed 10 people, including three soldiers and two policemen, security and medical officials said.
  4. India talks may ease Iran’s isolation
    INDIA, Iran and Afghanistan were holding talks last night on giving India greater access to landlocked Afghanistan, a move that could ease Iran’s isolation in the region.
  5. Iran projects $400m in revenues from pharmaceutical exports
    TEHRAN – Iran plans to export as much as 5 trillion rials (some $400 million) worth of pharmaceutical products in the current calendar year, which ends on March 20, 2013, the health minister said.
  6. ONGC Videsh looks for higher returns from Iranian project
    New Delhi, Aug 26: ONGC Videsh Ltd wants Iran to pay a higher return on the $5-6 billion it plans to invest in developing Persian Gulf gas field of Farzad-B to make up for the risk involved in investing in US-sanctioned country.
  7. Iran opens NAM Summit condemning West
    Iran on Sunday condemned the West’s policy of intimidation against other nations and sought the Non-Aligned Movement’s support to end tough West-sponsored sanctions against it over its nuclear programme, as officials from 120 countries, including India, gathered in Tehran for the 16th NAM Summit.
  8. Two Shia followers reportedly killed in Sampang melee
    Two Shia followers were reportedly killed in a melee involving Shia community members and an anti-Shia group in Sampang regency, East Java, on Sunday.
  9. The Saudi Prince and the death of his French Jewish ex-lover
    A deceased French-Jewess has been the subject of great embarrassment for the Saudi royals, and not least due to her entanglement with a royal as a foreign non-Muslim. The lady, whose death caused by falling from a fourth-storey apartment is now being investigated as suspicious, was already embroiled in a high-profile custody battle with the Saudi prince.