1. Sheikh Nemr al-Nemr’s Brother: Saudi Revolution Still Alive
    The brother of detained Shiite cleric and leader Sheikh Nemr al-Nemr stressed that the revolution in Saudi Arabia is alive and people will continue their revolution until the full materialization of their rights.
  2. Two Shia Muslims Martyred by Extremist Wahhabis in Pakistan
    Two Shia Muslims namely Ali Mohsin, 42, police officer and Doctor Syed Naimatullah were shot martyred respectively in Karachi and Quetta by terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhagvi.
  3. I am in no position to decide on Shia ‘heresy’: Religious Affairs Minister
    Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali has claimed he is unable to make a declaration that the Shia Islamic sect is not heretical in order to prevent future attacks against the community in Sampang, East Java, and elsewhere.
  4. NAM members inspect Iran’s National Jewels Treasury
    A number of foreign delegates who took part in the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Tehran inspected on Tuesday different departments of Iran’s National Jewels Treasury.
  5. No breakthrough in Sadr probe: source
    BEIRUT: There is still “nothing definite” about the fate of Imam Musa Sadr, who disappeared more than three decades ago, even after a Lebanese delegation met earlier this week with detained former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanousi in Mauritania to question him about the case, a source close to the investigation told The Daily Star.
  6. Indonesia’s government accused of contributing to religious intolerance
    There is growing concern about increasing intolerance towards religious minorities in Indonesia.
  7. Bajraini People Condemn Court Verdicts for Opposition Figures
    A large number of Bahraini people staged rallies on Tuesday to protest at the verdicts issued by Al-Khalifa courts for opposition figures and activists.
  8. Young Shiites call for peace
    In the aftermath of the attacks on a minority religious group in Sampang, Madura, East Java, last Sunday, Shiite youngsters in West Java called for peace and tolerance among religious followers.
  9. Bahrain police clash with Shiite protesters
    DUBAI — Bahraini police clashed overnight with Shiite demonstrators who took to the streets in protest at jail sentences against prominent opponents, witnesses and the opposition said on Wednesday.
  10. EU, Amnesty Criticize Bahraini Court Ruling Against Activists
    Human-rights groups and officials including Catherine Ashton, Europe’s foreign-policy chief, expressed disappointment at the sentences handed down against 20 men for espionage and planning to oust Bahrain’s government.