1. Spy Arrests Raise Turkish-Iran Tensions
    ISTANBUL – The recent arrest by Turkey’s security forces of nine people accused of spying for Iran has increased tensions between the former close allies. Bilateral relations have soured over the two countries’ support of opposing sides in the Syrian conflict.
  2. India’s balancing act at Tehran meet
    September 12, 2012: The NAM Summit in Tehran, which concluded on August 31, drew attention to two major issues. The first was the growing confrontation between Iran, on the one hand, and the US, its European partners and Israel, on the other. The summit also highlighted the growing sectarian Shia-Sunni tensions within the Islamic world.
  3. 2m needy Syrians aren’t getting food
    United Nations: Two million of the estimated three million Syrians that need food aren’t getting it because of the intensifying war and the government’s delay in granting visas to international humanitarian workers, the European Union’s international aid chief said on Tuesday.
  4. Iranian diplomatic staff leave Canada after ties severed, embassy shuttered
    TORONTO — Diplomatic staff at Iran’s shuttered Ottawa embassy left Canada on Wednesday, five days after Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird suspended relations with Tehran.
  5. Politician wants asylum for Egyptian Shias in Netherlands
    An Egyptian Shia politician has said he filed a request with the Dutch government to grant asylum to Egyptian Shias, citing reports alleging that the Netherlands had started granting asylum to Copts.
  6. Insight: Iran parks oil off Malaysia to dodge Western sanctions
    LABUAN, Malaysia/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Iran is using a little-known port off the East Malaysia coast to hide millions of barrels of oil from Western sanctions, according to shipping data, industry sources and officials.
  7. Iran wants to use rupee payment from India to buy government securities
    NEW DELHI: Iran wants to use the rupee payments it receives for exporting oil to India to buy government securities as well as for financing its imports from third country
  8. Violence in Syria continues
    DAMASCUS – Two army soldiers were killed Wednesday and many others injured when a suicide car bomb tore through their checkpoint in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, as the new UN-Arab League (AL) joint special representative is to set foot in the country to carry out his difficult mission to help end the 18-month-old crisis.