1. Maliki tells Syrian opposition to learn from Iraq
    BAGHDAD — Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Friday urged a Syrian opposition delegation in Baghdad to learn from the experiences of Iraq, where a new political system was established during years of violence.
  2. Iranian executive bodies obliged to set up cyber rescue units
    The Iranian administration has obliged all the executive bodies to set up special computer-based units to counter cyber attacks.
  3. US, Allies Set to Launch Anti-Mine Naval Exercises
    The United States and more than two dozen allies are gearing up for the largest naval exercise ever in the Middle East focused on countering the threat of anti-ship mines. A wary Iran says it will be watching closely.
  4. Japan set to win extended waiver of U.S. sanctions on Iran oil
    (Reuters) – Japan has made deeper cuts in crude oil purchases from Iran since it secured an exemption from U.S. sanctions in March, putting the country in a strong position to obtain a renewal when the United States reviews the six-month waiver.
  5. Anti-American protests spread in Muslim world
    (CBS/AP) Worldwide Muslim anger over a film mocking Islam’s prophet continued to spread Thursday, prompting President Barack Obama to issue a warning to countries where Americans may be in danger.
  6. UN singles out 16 countries, including Bahrain, for government reprisals against critics
    The United Nations has singled out 16 nations for cracking down on critics, saying most of those countries’ governments are going unpunished for their acts of reprisal.
  7. Violence erupts as UN envoy arrives in Syrian capital
    BEIRUT: Sectarian violence broke out on the fringes of Damascus as Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN’s new international envoy to Syria, arrived to take up his ”nearly impossible” task.
  8. Turkish-Iraqi ties strained over fugitive Iraqi leader
    Ties between Turkey and Iraq have been strained as Ankara refused to extradite Iraq’s vice president, who was sentenced by default to death by an Iraqi court on terror charges.
  9. Turkish authorities begin blocking Syrian borders
    Turkish authorities have begun taking steps to stop Syrian refugees and rebels coming and going freely across the border with the conflict-torn country.
  10. Protests spread against US over anti-Islamic film – as it happened
    Protest activity smoldered in Cairo, Tunisia, Lebanon and elsewhere after a day of upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa. Relatively small but intense protests outside US embassies across the region resulted in multiple fatalities in Tunis and at least one each in Lebanon and Cairo.
  11. The House of Tears in Sampang
    “I want a peaceful and prosperous Madura” is handwritten on a small green sheet of paper, and hangs from a tree branch at the corner of Wijaya Kusuma Sports Building, Sampang, Madura Island in East Java.