1. Iran Holds Talks with Syrian Opposition
    The speaker of Iran’s parliament has revealed that the Islamic regime has held talks with Syrian opposition groups, accusing unnamed countries of blocking its efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria.
  2. Bahraini regime forces attack houses of opposition leaders
    Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have stormed the houses of two leading opposition leaders as Al Khalifa regime continues its heavy-handed handling of critics in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.
  3. Saudi Arabia blocks Syrians from hajj
    Saudi Arabia has blocked Syrian citizens from entering the country to perform the annual Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj, Syrian state media says.
  4. Terrorists in Syria Form Saddam Group
    A group of terrorists in Syria officially announced formation of a new terrorist network in Syria’s Northwestern city of Idlib under the name of the brutal Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.
  5. Iraq: 20 terrorists arrested in Karbala
    Police sources said here today that 20 wanted were captured in different parts of the province and seizing a number of mortar shells west of the city.
  6. Kidnapped Shia youth ‘Kamran Naqvi’ found beheaded in Karachi
    A Shia youth was martyred mercilessly as his beheaded body was found in Ghareebabad area of Karachi.
  7. Hazaras: Exodus to the land down under
    Packed with 80 to 82 fellow passengers, as their boat left the port in Jakarta, Amjad Hussain, was still unsure if he’d made the right decision leaving his family, his career, and his country for an alien land.
  8. Seven killed, 22 injured in triple blasts in Karachi
    Karachi, Sep 19: Seven persons were killed and 22 others injured when three improvised explosive devices went off this evening in a densely populated area in the Pakistani financial hub of Karachi with a sizeable Shia population.
  9. Syria conflict: Damascus suburb sees heavy fighting
    There has been further heavy fighting in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the northern city of Aleppo.
  10. France in embassy alert over Prophet Muhammad cartoons
    Security has been increased at France’s interests abroad after a French satirical magazine published obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.