1. Iranian cleric beaten up by ‘improperly dressed’ woman
    Shahmirzad, Iran // An Iranian cleric said a woman he “politely” chided for having her head partly uncovered gave him such a brutal beating he was hospitalised for three days.
  2. Quranic Course Underway in Kufa Mosque
    A Quran educational course called “Safeer” (the messenger) kicked off on September 17, is underway in the holy city of Kufa.
  3. Seerah of Hazrat-e Fatemeh (SA) Clarified in Pakistan
    Seerah and moral virtues of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA) were clarified at a seminar held on September 16 in Chakwal District of Punjab Province, Pakistan.
  4. Russian translation of “Quotes by Imam Reza (AS)” published
    A collection of lofty quotes of Imam Reza (AS), eighth Shia Imam, is translated and published for the Russian speaking people.
  5. Syria war also targeting allies: Assad
    Moscow: The civil war raging in Syria is targeting not only Damascus but the entire “axis of resistance” formed with its allies, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said.
  6. Iraqi province bans Bahrain carrier flights
    An Iraqi provincial council decided on Thursday to ban flights by Bahrain’s carrier Gulf Air in solidarity with those facing “repression” in the tiny Sunni-ruled kingdom. The decision by Najaf provincial council came on the day that Gulf Air was resuming flights to various destinations in Shia-majority Iraq and Iran after a break of more than a year.
  7. Bahrain pledges to improve rights record
    The Gulf kingdom of Bahrain has said it will implement most of the recommendations in a new United Nations report on the nation’s human rights situation Al Jazeera reported
  8. Saudi court orders jail, lashes to three Shiites
    Riyadh: A Saudi court in the eastern Qatif district sentenced on Wednesday three men to up to eight months in jail and 100 lashes each for participating in violence during Shiite protests, activists said.
  9. Kuwaiti Raid Arrests Over 2,000 In Iranian, Shiite Neighborhood
    Yesterday morning [September 19], Kuwaiti security forces raided the Bneid al-Gar suburb of the Kuwaiti capital and arrested 2,136 people. The detainees consisted of violators of Kuwait’s residency laws and other wanted persons, mostly Asians. In a statement, the interior ministry said that the campaign is a part of a comprehensive plan to arrest those who violate the law in Kuwait, which has around 2.5 million foreign residents, in addition to 1.2 million Kuwaiti citizens.