1. Saudi warns against political rallies in hajj
    A Saudi security chief warned on Thursday that the Muslim kingdom will not tolerate any attempt to exploit the hajj pilgrimage to stage political rallies, as Iranians have in the past, provoking deadly clashes with police.
  2. Shiite preacher warns lives of abducted pilgrims in danger
    BEIRUT: A Shiite preacher warned Thursday that the recent Syrian-Turkish border clash threatens the safety of the remaining pilgrims in Syria.
  3. Houthi Rebels Seen Gaining New Influence in Yemen
    Sanaa. When riots erupted this month over an anti-Islam film made in California, Houthi rebels, long confined to remote corners of Yemen by then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, covered the capital Sanaa in posters, banners and graffiti denouncing the United States.
  4. Beqaa town chief says FSA abducted three residents
    Municipality Chief of Al-Khreibeh Saleh Dib Saleh told NOW on Thursday that members of the rebel Free Syrian Army had in recent weeks abducted three of the Beqaa town’s residents.
  5. Protesters Clash with Riot Police in Bahrein
    Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) Angry Bahraini protesters threw petrol bombs and stones at riot police who were trying to prevent them from reachingThe Pearl Roundabout, a square in downtown, stage of protests in Bahrein since last year.
  6. Bahraini Armed forces raid houses at dawn to arrest medics
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Heavily armed forces broke into houses of six medics, including consultants, doctors, a paramedic and a nurse to arrested them for treating injured pro-democracy protesters when the revolution erupted in Bahrain.
  7. Shiite Muslims Gain Foothold in America
    Building their own mosques and becoming financially strong, Shiite Muslims are gaining a foothold in the United States, finding a full freedom to practice their religious rituals.
  8. Karachi police recovers body of missing Imambargah trustee
    KARACHI: A trustee of Imambargah Bara Imam, who had earlier gone missing, was found dead by the police on Thursday, Express News reported.
  9. Qatif holds funerals for three Shia martyrs, calling for the overthrow of the House of Saud
    Tens of thousands of people in the eastern city of Qatif, Saudi Arabia held a funeral for three martyrs, activist Khaled Al-Labad Hassan Al-Zahiri and Mohamed Almnasef amid slogans against the regime of the Saudi royal family.
  10. Turkey’s Parliament Backs Military Measures on Syria
    ISTANBUL — Turkey’s Parliament on Thursday authorized further military action against Syria as Turkish forces fired a second round of artillery across the border, threatening to escalate a confrontation that has highlighted Turkey’s fraught double role as it tries to stay out of direct involvement in the fight against President Bashar al-Assad while offering haven and support to the rebels.