1. North Khorassan, A Unique Tourist Resort
    TEHRAN (FNA)- The North Khorassan province in Northeastern Iran is among the country’s outstanding tourist resorts as it hosts a range of historical sights and natural beauties.
  2. Media Discloses Secret Agreement among US, Turkey, Kurdish Groups on Syria
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A Kurdish news website unveiled a secret document showing an agreement among Turkey, US, and some Kurdish groups to set up a federal state in Syria after helping terrorists overcome Bashar al-Assad’s government, and provide military backup for that state.
  3. Separate attacks leave seven dead in Iraq
    Seven people, including a judge and the bodyguard of a lawmaker, have been killed in separate bombings and shooting incidents across Iraq.
  4. Dangers of Saudi influence in Syria
    As the civil unrest in Syria becomes more acute, the United States must reassess its strategy towards that key Middle East state. In particular, the U.S. must revisit its attitude towards the role that Saudi Arabia has been playing in the Syrian conflict.
  5. Iran Cites I.M.F. Data to Prove Sanctions Aren’t Working
    Iran sought on Tuesday to rebut assertions that Western sanctions had paralyzed the Iranian economy and severely weakened the currency, pointing to new data from the International Monetary Fund forecasting an economic rebound and lower inflation in 2013.
  6. Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Responsibility for Syrian Blasts
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — A jihadist insurgent group that Western intelligence officials have linked to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a multiple bombing by suicide attackers who struck an intelligence compound on the outskirts of Damascus overnight.
  7. Azerbaijan Sentences 22 to Prison Over Iran Spying Charges
    An Azeri court today sentenced 22 people to prison terms over charges of spying for neighboring Iran.
  8. Iran warns UAE relations are at risk over Gulf island claims
    Iran warned the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday it would consider cutting diplomatic ties if the federation pressed its claim to three disputed tiny Gulf islands which both countries say are theirs, Iranian media reported.
  9. Surge in violence, new training camps show al-Qaida revival in Iraq after US troop withdrawal
    BAGHDAD — Al-Qaida is rebuilding in Iraq and has set up training camps for insurgents in the nation’s western deserts as the extremist group seizes on regional instability and government security failures to regain strength, officials say.
  10. Armed men attack bus in Kurram; three injured
    PESHAWAR: Unknown armed men attacked a bus in the Kurram tribal region on Tuesday injuring at least three passengers.