1. West blinks at Wahhabism’s dark side
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  2. Kuwait: Anti-Shiite columnist released on bail
    Columnist Mohammad Al-Mulaifi was released from jail yesterday after serving a six months’ sentence for offending the Shiites in a column posted online.
  3. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemns bombings in Syrian capital
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has “strongly” condemned recent deadly bomb attacks in the Syrian capital, Damascus, calling for an immediate end to the unrest in the country.
  4. Al-Azahr University’s Plan for Deterring Promotion of Shiite Doctrine
    Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic School plans to ally itself with the country’s Salafists to deter promotion of Shiite doctrine in the Arab world.
  5. Bahrain: The General Prosecution gives OK for killing citizens amidst absence of accountability
    Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society stresses that authorities are continuing the practice of granting security forces impunity for consequences of actions.
  6. Indonesia Shiites Remain Stranded
    Efforts by the local government to quell violence against Shiites have hit a standstill in Sampang, local media reported, leaving nearly 200 Shiite Muslims stranded in a local sports centre. A deadly Sunni mob attack sent them fleeing from their homes in late August.
  7. Russia warms up to Iraq with arms deal
    The leaders of Russia and Iraq have agreed to develop large-scale cooperation in defence, energy and investment.
  8. Pakistan: A Shia Police Official Martyred Due to Firing of Terrorists in Dera Ismail Khan
    A police official of Dera Ismail Khan was martyred in a targeted attack on his life by terrorists on Wednesday.
  9. Syrian plane leaves Ankara after being grounded
    A Syrian passenger plane took off from the Turkish capital Ankara on Thursday after being grounded for several hours by Turkish authorities on suspicion that it was carrying military equipment destined for Syria.