1. Top Wahhabi Leader in Pakistan ‘Tahir Ashrafi’ Caught Drunk
    Chairman Ulema and Mashaikh Council Pakistan Molana Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi caught drunk in her car on GT Road near Jehlum.
  2. Iran denies U.S. allegation of cyber attack
    Iran has denied any role in cyber-attacks against two major oil and gas companies in the Persian Gulf, amid statements from the United States that alluded to the possible rise in Tehran’s capability to launch massive cyber-strikes against Washington and its allies.
  3. As Tehran offers concessions, the West turns the sanction screws
    Western governments are looking for new ways to put pressure on Iran, despite the Islamic Republic’s latest statement that it’s ready to show flexibility and resume negotiations on halting higher-grade uranium enrichment if its conditions are met.
  4. Bahrain questions Shiite leader over statements made in Egypt
    DUBAI – Bahrain police on Sunday questioned cleric Sheikh Ali Salman, who heads the largest Shiite opposition formation Al-Wefaq, over remarks related to “sectarian and security” matters, the authorities said.
  5. Saudi Arabia ‘insulted’ by UK inquiry
    Saudi Arabia says it is “insulted” by a parliamentary inquiry into how the UK deals with the country and Bahrain.
  6. Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Javad (AS) in Tanzania
    On the occasion of martyrdom anniversary of Imam Mohammad Taghi (AS), a mourning ceremony will be held on October 17 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
  7. Iranian MPs condemn anti-Iran allegation made by Qatari Mufti ‘Qaradawi’
    The cleric Members of Parliament on Sunday condemned Doha Friday prayer leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi for making anti-Iran statement.
  8. European Union agrees on wider Iran sanctions, Catherine Ashton sees talks ‘very soon’
    LUXEMBOURG: European Union governments agreed on further sanctions against Iran’s banking, shipping and industrial sectors on Monday, cranking up financial pressure on Tehran in the hope of drawing it into serious negotiations on its nuclear programme.
  9. Bahrain king calls for talks,warns againstuse of violence
    Bahrain’s King Hamad said at the opening of parliament yesterday that the government was open to dialogue with the opposition and also urged the body to criminalise “violence”.
  10. UN envoy urges Syria truce as conflict enters 20th month
    UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi called Monday for a ceasefire in Syria during the upcoming four-day Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha, as the revolt entered its 20th month with a death toll of more than 33,000.