1. Iraq stops Turkey’s Saudi-bound buses for lack of visa
    Iraq has refused to allow 128 Turkish buses to cross into Saudi Arabia, saying the passengers onboard the vehicles did not hold visas issued by Baghdad.
  2. Amnesty International says Saudi regime must end crackdown on protests
    Amnesty International has called on Saudi authorities to stop excessive use of force against anti-regime protesters in the country.
  3. Thousands of Bahrainis hold funeral for martyr ‘Haj Mahdi Ali Marhun’
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – People in Bahrain have held a funeral procession for Haj Mahdi Ali Marhun, who martyred due to inhalation of tear gas fired into his house by Saudi-backed regime forces.
  4. Saudi troops carry out pre-dawn raid in Awamiyah
    Saudi Arabian troops have opened fire in the town of Awamiyah in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, spreading panic among people.
  5. Iraq Nuncio gives copy of Ecclesia in Medio Oriente to Ayatollah al-Sistani
    The meeting between the two religious leaders took place yesterday. Vatican delegation visits Christian historical sites in the area. Mgr Lingua says that for Shia leader Benedict XVI’s Lebanon trip is “very significant” for interfaith dialogue. Young Christians and Muslims are told their task is to build a “free and humane” society.
  6. Egyptian Shias to join Friday’s planned Tahrir protest
    Spokesman for Egypt’s Shia minority says his coreligionists will participate in planned Friday rally to press for religious freedom
  7. Illegal detention of Shia cleric is violation of rights
    Sampang Shia community leader Tajul Muluk has remained in detention at the Sidoarjo penitentiary for the past week without a clear legal basis, despite the end of his detention period having been reached, his lawyer Asfinawati said on Wednesday.
  8. Hazara Shias flee Taliban terror, risk lives to reach Australia: Report
    Deadly attacks on Shia Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan have made them risk their lives through illegal immigrations to Australia and other countries, a report says.
  9. Iran and Turkey Join Syria Peace Envoy in Call for Truce
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — Iran declared support on Wednesday for the new Syria peace envoy’s cease-fire proposal, joining Turkey in a rare moment of accord between two of the regional powers backing opposite sides in the 19-month conflict that has pitted the Syrian government against an array of armed opponents.
  10. ‘Iran capable of launching nano-satellites’
    Tehran: Iran has the capability to launch nano-satellites weighing below 10 kg into space, according to the Iran Space Agency (ISA) director Hamid Fazeli.