1. Suicide bomber kills two in SE Iran
    TEHRAN – Two Iranian citizens were killed by a suicide bomber in the city of Chabahar, in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan, on Friday.
  2. Turkish military fires shells into Syria
    The Turkish military has fired artillery shells into Syria as tension runs high between Ankara and Damascus over recent cross-border attacks.
  3. In Syria, Sunni rebels besiege Shiite villages
    BEYANON, Syria (AP) – Anyone who tries to slip out of the Shiite villages of Zahraa and Nubl is risking his life. Sunni rebel snipers stand ready to gun down anyone who dares. Roads are blocked with barricades and checkpoints.
  4. US Intelligence Admits Syria Arms Aid Goes To Al Qaeda
    American Intelligence officials are acknowledging that the bulk of the weapons flowing into Syria for the US-backed war to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad are going into the hands of Al Qaeda and like-minded Islamist militias.
  5. 8 Alleged Resting Places of the Ark of the Covenant
    The Ark of the Covenant is an artifact associated with Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths. Depending on the source, the Ark holds the Ten Commandments, a staff that once became a snake, a portion of the Torah, and more.
  6. Annan says Iran will support democratic solution to Syria crisis
    TEHRAN – Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan said on Thursday that Iran has told him that it would support a democratic solution to the Syria crisis.
  7. Carnage or sanctions? Six million Iranian lives at stake
    The US-led sanctions against the Islamic Republic which directly and painfully target the population have created an inconceivable situation for those whose very lives depend on the medicine adversely affected by these barbaric sanctions.
  8. Roadside bomb kills 4, injures 14 in central Iraq
    Four people have been killed and 14 others injured in a roadside bomb attack in central Iraq.
  9. Shia lawyer shot dead in Lahore
    In an apparent sectarian attack, Syed Shakir Ali Rizvi, a leader of the Shia community and a senior advocate, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in this eastern Pakistani city on Friday.
  10. Delhi High Court orders demolition of Akbarabadi mosque