1. Human Rights Watch tells Saudi Arabia to stop prosecuting protesters
    An international rights group urged Saudi Arabia on Sunday to stop prosecuting and punishing people for peaceful protests, after the kingdom charged 19 men for staging a sit-down demonstration outside a prison last month.
  2. ‘Shell struggles to repay Iran oil debt’
    Royal Dutch Shell is struggling to settle the over $1bn it owes Iran for oil purchases after options such as financing a gas pipeline or paying for food shipments were rejected, people familiar with the matter said over the weekend.
  3. Severe Birth Defects Soar in Post-War Iraq
    A new study confirms what many Iraqi doctors have been saying for years – that there is a virtual epidemic of rare congenital birth defects in cities that suffered bombing and artillery and small arms fire in the U.S.-led attacks and occupations of the country.
  4. Iraq’s Karbala province keen on expansion of trade ties with Qom
    Iraq’s Karbala Governor-General who is visiting the Holy City of Qom, Kamal ul-Dinn Majid al-Hor elaborated in a joint meeting with the officials and managers of the selected industrial companies and also selected exporters on his visit to Salafchagan zone, IRNA reported.
  5. Iraq To Pay $500M Airline Settlement By Mid-2013 – Kuwait
    KUWAIT CITY (AFP) – Kuwait said that Iraq will complete payment of a $500 million settlement of an airline dispute between the two nations by the middle of next year.
  6. Third Int’l Congress titled ‘Rain of Ghadir’ opens
    Third International Congress themed ‘Rain of Ghadir’ opened in Tehran on Saturday in a ceremony attended by the cultural officials and a number of the Iranian and foreign poets.
  7. Saudi Parties Call for Nationwide Rallies Early November
    Saudi Arabia’s political parties called for nationwide demonstrations early next month to demand release of political prisoners in the country.
  8. Iraq responds to deadly Eid violence with stricter checkpoint searches
    Iraqi authorities tightened security on Sunday, a day after attacks mostly targeting Shiite Muslims during the Eid al-Adha holiday killed 31 people in the country’s deadliest day this month.
  9. Iraq suffers violence on third day of Eid festival
    Baghdad (CNN) — A car bomb blast killed at least 13 people and wounded another 28 in a Shiite section of northwestern Baghdad Sunday, police said, as many residents were at parks and markets observing the third day of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.
  10. Beneath Bahrain’s Shia-versus-Sunni narrative, only the tyrants benefit
    Through its repressive policies, the regime’s long-term goal is to shift Bahrain’s demographics: diluting the Shia majority