1. Iraqi MP accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism
    An Iraqi lawmaker has accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism by giving a warm welcome to fugitive Iraqi vice-president Tariq al-Hashemi for the Hajj pilgrimage.
  2. Iraq to create counter-terrorism studies centre
    The Iraqi Ministry of Defence announced Tuesday (October 30th) that a centre for counter-terrorism studies is opening soon in Anbar.
  3. Rewriting Nahjolbalaghe in Tehran
    A contest has been held in Tehran to invite all the best calligraphers to compete and be chosen to rewrite the sermons of the first Imam of the Shiite Muslims, Imam Ali’s book called Nahjolbalaghe.
  4. Bahrain bans all protests in crackdown on Shia opposition movement
    Interior ministry order is latest effort to counter anti-government uprising in which 50 people have died since early last year
  5. Syrian Air Force Commander Is Reported Killed
    Syria’s state television said Tuesday that insurgents had assassinated an air force commander in Damascus, as news accounts from antigovernment activists reported an intensified aerial bombing campaign against rebel targets, including the first warplane attack inside the Syrian capital since the conflict began 20 months ago.
  6. Iran asks Iraq not to search Syria-bound planes
    Tehran on Tuesday asked Iraq not to stop and search its Syria-bound aircraft despite US pressure to do so, after Baghdad inspected Iranian planes twice this month.
  7. Iraq to hold local elections in April 2013
    BAGHDAD, Oct. 30 — The Iraqi cabinet on Tuesday set April 20 next year as the date for the country’s provincial elections, except for the Kurdish region in northern Iraq, a government spokesman said.
  8. Iran calls for recognition of nuclear “rights” as hopes for new talks grow
    TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) — As hopes grow to settle the Iranian nuclear standoff through diplomatic means, the country persists the recognition of its “nuclear rights.”
  9. Over half a million volumes presented at Kerman Book Fair
    Exhibitors have put on display as many as 600,000 book volumes at the 9th Kerman Provincial Book Fair, said director general of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Administration of Kerman Province.