1. religious mission: damascus’ afghan refugees end up in iraq
    An Iraqi cleric based in Iran is helping to get Afghan refugees out of Syria. Busloads of Afghans are arriving in the cleric’s hometown of Karbala – although how they will survive and where they go from there is unclear.
  2. Iran to establish new libraries in Najaf
    Parallel with the 20th Book Week of Islamic Republic of Iran, two book stores will be opened and equipped by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran in Iraq’s Najaf.
  3. Iran relents, US now partner of Indian Ocean association
    The US became a dialogue partner of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation on Friday, with Iran relenting to its entry into the 20-member organisation, to the surprise of many.
  4. Islam’s holiday season includes celebration of Eid
    As we approach the end of the year, we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season. The beauty of every faith is the rituals and celebration that take place in each respective belief system. Whether Christmas, Hanukkah or the African-American tradition of Kwanzaa, all have traditions and a deep meaning.
  5. Iraqi Tourist Sector Hurt by Iran’s Currency Pain
    The plunge in Iran’s currency is proving bad for business in neighboring Iraq.
  6. Morocco will Send Security Experts to Bahrain to Confront “Shiite Expansion”
    “Morocco had finally agreed with the Bahrain Kingdom to send retired security officials who have previously worked in security and army careers, to work with special Bahraini security units to confront the challenges the country is facing, especially those related to confronting the “Shiite expansion”,” Moroccan Hespress website reported Friday.
  7. ‘UN must suspend Bahrain membership’
    A Bahraini political activist says the United Nations must suspend the membership of the Persian Gulf kingdom due to Manama regime’s human rights violations, Press TV reports.
  8. Rallies Held Throughout Iran to Mark US Embassy Takeover
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranians in different cities across the country took part in massive rallies chanting “Death to America” to mark the anniversary of the US embassy takeover in 1979.
  9. Bahrain activist sentenced for anti-king web posts
    MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — A civil court has sentenced an online activist to six months in prison on charges of insulting the Gulf nation’s king in Twitter posts, the official news agency said Thursday.