1. Car bomb kills 3 near Shia mosques in Baghdad
    At least three people have been killed and several more injured after a car bomb went off near a Shia mosque in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad.
  2. Bahraini Forces Firing Peaceful Protesters with Poisonous Tear Gas, a Woman Martyred
    Poisonous tear gas used by Bahraini al-Khalifa forces against peaceful anti-government protesters has martyred 43 years old woman in Jid Hafas.
  3. Pakistan: A Shia Muslim Murdered in Front of His Mother and Sister in Quetta
    Eye-witnesses said that Haseeb Raza was pulled out of rickshaw in which he was boarding along with her mother and sister. The ferocious terrorists murdered him while his mother and sister were seeing the whole episode.
  4. One Shia Muslim martyred, 2 injured, 1 missing in Taliban terrorists attack in Parachinar
    According to the reports, armed activists of the banned terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban opened fire on Shia believers in Parachinar on Sunday where 1 Shia man martyred while 2 others wounded and one Shia seems to be missing.
  5. Thousands of Shiite Muslims Celebrate Ghadir in Nigeria
    Different cities of Nigeria hosted ceremonies on the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadir on November 3. The programs were held by Kowthar Institute in Katsina, Thaqalain Institute in Kaduna and Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Zaria.
  6. Islamic Awakening Originating from Principalism of Ghadir
    Secretary of the International Ghadir Conference said the Islamic Awakening is a movement that has originated from the principalism of Ghadir.
  7. Syrian Army Repels Attack in Aleppo
    The Syrian Army repelled an assault by the members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on a checkpoint in the Northwestern city of Aleppo on Monday.
  8. Iraqi Police Arrest 11 Terrorists
    Baghdad’s Operations Command arrested 11 gunmen on Monday as they were preparing for a terrorist attack in the Northern parts of the Iraqi capital.
  9. Bosnian Shiite Muslims Celebrate Eid Ghadir in Sarajevo + Pics
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Hundreds of Ahl ul Bayt lovers in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, celebrated the Eid al Ghadir with great enthusiasm and religious fervor at Mulla Sadra Foundation Hall. The same program was held by Shiite in Mostar.