1. US Daily: Iran’s Tourism Industry Prospering Despite Sanctions
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A US newspaper wrote that Iran’s tourism industry has flourished and the number of foreign tourists visiting Iran has increased in recent years despite the US-led sanctions targeting the country’s economy.
  2. Food Allocation Resumed for Shia Refugees
    TEMPO Interactive, Surabaya:The East Java Provincial government has re-started disbursing aid for displaced Shiites in Sampang. The Rp450-million cash assistance is intended to provide free meals for all Shia refugees who remain in the Sampang Sports Center.
  3. New Town for Karbala Pilgrims
    A new town built for hosting the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine will be inaugurated next week, Noon website reported.
  4. Egyptians protest outside Saudi Arabia Embassy
    Egyptians have staged a sit-in at the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Cairo, demanding the release of their loved ones from Saudi prisons, Press TV reports.
  5. Targeted: Two Shia PPP workers gunned down in Karachi
    KARACHI: Two men belonging to the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) were killed when unidentified men opened fire on them at a restaurant in Orangi Town on Wednesday.
  6. Bahrain revokes citizenship of Shia activists
    Bahraini authorities have revoked the citizenships of 31 Shia activists, among them two former members of parliament, for having “undermined state security,” according to state news.
  7. Bahrain Opposition Societies Issue ‘Declaration of Non-Violence Principles’
    The opposition societies in Bahrain (AlWefaq National Islamic Society, National Democratic Assembly Society (AlQawmi), National Democratic Action Society (Waad), Unity Democratic Gathering Society (Wahdawy), National Brotherhood Society (Ekhaa) and Democratic Progressive Tribune (AlTaqadumy), have issued today a ‘Declaration of Non-Violence Principles’.
  8. Iran says UN human rights report is unfair, biased
    TEHRAN – The Iranian delegation to the United Nations has dismissed the most recent report of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about the human rights situation in Iran as unfair and biased.
  9. Bombing at Iraqi Base Kills Dozens
    BAGHDAD — A blast at a military base north of Baghdad killed more than two dozen people on Tuesday, but there were conflicting accounts of what caused the explosion.