1. Talibanisation touches dangerous level in Balochistan: report
    Talibanisation has touched a dangerous level in Balochistan. The Pashtun Tehreek Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have joined hands with each other, in a move seen as extremely harmful for Balochistan.
  2. Imam Hussein’s orations to release in English
    Translator said the first English volume on Imam Hussein (3rd Shiam Imam)’s statements since the beginning of his journey from Medina to Karbala has been provided and it will be presently published in Birmingham.
  3. Bahrain: Mihazza village under clampdown for days and masked men raid houses
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Mihazza village in Sitra island, south of the capital Manama, has been targeted by the regime forces for more than three days. The regime forces are heavily deployed in the besieged area, tens of houses have been raided in a scene that looks more like a state of martial law.
  4. Turkey: Babies are going to meet on the day dedicated to Ali Asghar son of Imam Hussain (PBUT)
    In the way of Ali Asghar , babies who are dedicated to Imam Mahdi (A.S) will be in Zeynebiye on their mothers’ arms on 16th of November.
  5. Turkey Shiite Leader: Bahraini Regime is More Cruel than Hitler
    Regime of Bahrain backed by foreign terrorists revoked the citizenship of anyone who is not loyal to the King, killing them, dismissing and torturing medical workers who treated injured protesters and imprisoned many protesters that such violence is not seen even in the Hitler era.
  6. Pakistan: 4 Shiite Muslims Including a Father and His Two Sons Martyred in Karachi
    Terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba shot martyre 4 Shia Muslims in Karachi.
  7. Sectarian clashes in Lebanon turn deadly
    Shooting between Sunni and Shia Muslim fighters near the Ein el-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon has left at least four people killed and seven others wounded, security officials say.
  8. Muharram security
    MANY parts of the country remain on edge as Muharram approaches. In Karachi, several people — both Shia and Sunni activists — have been murdered in the past week in a renewed wave of sectarian killings.
  9. Acquitted Shi’ite Medics Face Uncertain Future in Bahrain
    DUBAI — Nearly five months after being acquitted of crimes related to Bahrain’s anti-government uprising, some Shi’ite medics remain suspended from work and fear they may never practice medicine in the country again. Their fate lies in the hands of a committee that aims to determine whether they breached ethical codes at the height of the Gulf kingdom’s unrest last year.